Metal To Infinity

Several times a year Stormspell Records releases some kind of packet, including new 'old' CD's, releases from the 'ancient' history of Heavy Metal. Mostly the bands are eighties, unknown or even forgotten. This time Nitefall is one of the bands that deserved the release of their mysterious and 'anonymous' demo's, originally from the nineties. Nevertheless Nitefall, named after Candlemass' masterpiece, fits perfect in the strategic plan of this label to spread the word  about true but forgotten Metal bands that need to be heard.  

Nitefall seems to be an obscure trio from Ohio, USA. In the history of Metal several great bands came from this area; most important bands to me are Winter's Bane, Chastain, Jacob's Dream and Hatrix. Nitefall is a band that fits in this row of US Metal which means you will discover a blend of melody, varied arrangements and a rather dark atmosphere.  

The production of this CD is rather good because of the re-mastering of the original recordings. The result is that it lifts the total concept to a higher level. I wanted to say at first that Nitefall isn't the band that will overwhelm you with spectacular solos, exceptional vocals or everlasting songs but the further you listen to this release the more you will determine the beauty of this disc! And yes, Nitefall overwhelms after all!  

Especially the influences of Doom Metal becomes clear in the 'later' period of this formation. I suppose Nitefal also suffered the regression of the entire Metal scene - we're talking about the early nineties- and I suppose that was the main reason why this band never got signed in that particular era. Once again I can mention this is a pure disgrace and if you purchase this CD you will understand my statement!    

These guys deliver one after another great Metal song; a blend of fine and skilled guitars, a strong base and awesome strong clear vocals. Nowadays the music may sound predictable - although it isn't - but in this genre these guys are really good. They mix elements from NWOBHM with traditional US style Heavy Metal and a ton of influences from traditional Doom Metal. This kind of music is a lust for fans of bands like Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass (off course) but add (old) Jag Panzer, Quartz, Grim Reaper, Cirith Ungol to this list and you will understand what I am talking about! Especially these Doom Metal ingredients are responsible for the fantastic atmosphere on the entire album!  The guitars, used  in combination with some particular vocal lines, make this disc breathe pure darkness; the middle part of 'Death Reigns Here Alone' is a fantastic example of it. It is obvious that the band worked hard at their songwriting to ensure that all these elements are recognizable, extraordinary!  

Nitefall doesn't deliver you songs that you will sing along after a few listens. Once you're into it you will 'suffer' it's addictive effect and magic charm! My favorite songs  are 'Die For Destiny', 'Black Tomorrow', 'Desert Of Ice', the fantastic 'Harvester Of Souls' , the mighty and extremely dark 'Red Moon Rising' (what a song!) and the up tempo 'Time warp'.  

After the department of Bryan Renken this band switched their name into Severe Warning from which I know there exist  recordings on a split-CD. It is unclear to me if this band is active again, I can only hope for it, as I do with all bands that signed with Stormspell Records.    

Once again Stormspell Records surprises me with a very strong release. I enjoyed every second of this album and I keep on listening to it. Let me tell you also the front cover is once again sinister but astonishing, a trademark for every release of this label. Get your copy at:  

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)