Metal To Infinity

National Suicide is a band from Italy, their hunger for old school Thrash Metal is for real – quite a while ago they sent us a 4 song demo entitled “The Old Family Is Still Alive” which was actually somekind of an omen for what would appear later on. Back then, we at MTI heard a very promising Thrash Metal group while listening to this demo – we longed for these guys’ future works already! 

Well, the wait is finally over – National Suicide just released their debut album through My Graveyard Productions. Under the same title as the demo, this full length effort exceed my expectations. So very well done as their demo was back then, so much better is the new album!! Damn, it’s really awesome to enjoy a band playing their way of Thrash Metal in a way Exodus (with Steve Souza) and Overkill or Artillery and Assassin did way back in the mighty 80s. 

Vocals in the vein of just mentioned bands’ frontmen but also the manner the tracks are built up is amazing to me. Excellent sound production and a band offering this way Metal to the masses – I’ll kneel down and praise National Suicide straight to heaven! The accelerator most of the times pushed in with force completely - still the band always paid full attention on technical details. Magnificent, pure as can be, thrashing guitar riffage and I'm feeling all right… I’ve got the same feelings deep down inside just like in the glorious days of Classic Thrash Metal – much younger we were those days but once a Metal, always a Metal maniac, right! 

The rhythms are extremely to enjoy – headbangers better prepare for the real stuff. Guitar duels to sound perfectly all the way – fanatics of pure shred attacks, hang on because the present NS axe wielders are in to serve a lethal dose of top notch tactics leaving me breathless every now and than! Fast drums, devastating bass lines and once again a singer reminiscent to  Blitz (Overkill) / Steve Souza (ex-Exodus)…. I think that does ring a bell, right?! 

All the songs of the 4 song demo are added to the tracklist of their new album too so if you’ve missed the early days of National Suicide, don’t panic and order their full length “The Old Family Is Still Alive” right on at:  otherwise check the band’s homepage out via:   Thrash Metal played as it should be, old school inspired – a grateful gesture for a scene we’ve experienced with passion… carved in heart and soul forevermore! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)