Metal To Infinity

Another unknown band passes me by… Sometimes I have the feeling the entire world is one big Metal scène but everybody knows it isn’t. Six billion people are already on this globe and the world keeps on growing… and so is the metal scène. The old generation didn’t give in, the newest generation is knocking on the door! And Metal is a virus you can’t kill! I was talking about Metal with a colleague of mine from whom I would have never thought she was a metal head in her youth. Meanwhile she’s not a Metal fan anymore ‘but the feeling is still there and I still have attention when I read or see something about Metal’. I suppose the flame keeps on burning forever… What I really want to say is that Metal still lives and even grows and that’s the main reason why still so many bands are formed. Neonfly is another unknown band that passes me by…

Reading the biography of the band I notice that they released an EP in 2008 with Tony Mills (TNT) as a special guest on one of the songs! Great and remarkable choice because I suppose it isn’t that easy to ask this guy to lend a hand on an album. It is a first good reason to take a listen to it! Neonfly is a band from the UK and the band looks pretty modern to me. Nevertheless it is clear after a few notes that Neonfly is a band that found their roots in the traditional genres. They mix up several sub styles, heading from Progressive Power Metal all over traditional Heavy Metal to their softer sides of Hard-Rock and even a bit AOR. The song writing is good although none of the tracks keep on playing in my mind. Nothing really new and innovating is coming my way but what I hear are five gifted musicians, performing their tracks with an eye for every detail! This isn’t an album that asks for only one listen, take your time for it and I suppose the album will grow on you.

Neonfly sounds modern and I suppose fans of (European) Power Metal will surely like what they hear, not that this is the ‘happy happy’ kind of Metal. Plenty similar bands (Kamelot, Conception…) are crossing my mind but I suppose you’d better take a listen to it your self. I am quite sure this band is able to steal many souls and for some reason I believe in the band’s future. Have attention for the great guitars, the great riffs and the good performed arrangements. Add a good singer and you will find a surprising act in Neonfly.

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)