Metal To Infinity

This is a band from France and the sinister intro makes me focused on this one. I’ve told several times before France has never been an important country in Metal and I doubt this will ever chance. For some reason most bands just don’t have the luck – more specific the support – a band needs to grow to a higher level. And don’t tell me France have never contained good Metal bands. 

In this style, let’s call it Gothic / Doom Metal, France has for sure no tradition. But these guys did a pretty good job and it’s clear the ideas are good, the performances satisfying. Not every vocal lines pleases me and at some points I have the feeling they’re not just pure enough, not really false but anyway not good enough.  

I repeat that Nicht (in my language a “niece” or even “gay”) has plenty of good ideas and this CD is ultra atmospheric, especially because of the samples in and between the songs, because of the used angelic voices in the background. “Room 19” is on this specific point fantastic, it feels  like I am making part of a Horror movie. Unfortunately with the music I don’t really stay in that particular mood…..  The tracks breathe pure darkness and I’m sure that fans of bands like Katatonia and even Paradise Lost can be satisfied by it although Nicht never reaches the same level of these influencing bands. Give them a shot at  

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)