Metal To Infinity

Nightvision is a talented British newcomer that released their second album ‘Consequence Of Sin’, a few months ago. Rocksector Records claims to have one of the main bands of the future on their roster and although I know that every label has that feeling with a new signing, but exceptions to the rule might happen now and then.  

Well, what do we know about Nightvision? They are located in Lincolnshire, and released their first album ‘As The Lights Go Down’ in 2009.  These 12 songs captured 50 minutes of pleasure and they even played in Belgium at the Wizzfest in 2010, after supporting slots of Blaze Bayley and Fozzy. The line up of Nightvision is Daryl and Dean Hocking (drums and bass), Bolda is taking care of the guitar and Dave McKee has a very nice voice to listen to.  Originally, this band was formed in 2003 by Bolda and Daryl, while Dean joined two years later, to complete their line up in 2006 with Dave. I guess that all members melt and merge to a whole which will have their best result on a stage. The music is really inviting, the song structures have a lot of breaks and twists, and although they play pretty hard and heavy, there is still time and space for a nice chorus line. I should check their lyrics as well, as I guess that they are filled with pretty much humor and sexy double bottoms.  

The new album is titled ‘Consequence Of Sin’, and this time we get 12 songs with 45 minutes playing time. It results in an album that you will like to hear again, time after time.  I have been looking for some fillers, but still, I’m unable to find some. The four lads entered the Axis Studios in Doncaster and worked together with producer Matt Elliss to release the debut album. As I’m not informed about the recording studio and producer of this second effort, I guess that they didn’t change the winning horse…  

The opener (‘So Many Lies’) of this second album starts immediately with a cool riff and their rock meets metal attitude delivers a smile on the face! Their music is inviting to tap your feet and bang your head, and the great thing is: this feeling lingers on from start till finish. Variety is present, as Nightvision is stirring the pot of thrash, metal, rock and even memorable sing along tracks.  Listen to ‘What Makes You Bad’, and you will agree that this band is ready for the next leap in their career, that could turn out in a worldwide success!  

My rating: 90 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)