Metal To Infinity

Dani and Alex founded Noctisdark in 1999 in Alcanar, Catalonia-Spain. As a musical project, Noctisdark expected to free up some vital interests that their other band Ignis Aeterni hadn’t yet satisfied. Ignis Aeterni had a very defined style, yet Noctisdark began to experiment with different styles and tendencies. At first, they began to work with two differentiated themes: the astralone, influenced by the band Samael and their CD work ‘Passage’, and the vampiric one, influenced by bands such as Cradle Of Filth. In that period they made the demo “Cosmagony” but their band Ignis Aeterni was their main band.

In 2002 Alex and Dani began to give more importance to the Noctisdark project and to work on it with a more personal style due to the past years of experimentation. In 2006-2007 the first official MCD was recorded and in autumn 2007 “The four Songs…” MCD was released. In 2010 Alex and Dani decided to complete the line-up with Albert on drums and Hyban on guitars. Now they released a new cd (self release) “The Roots Of Dreamers”.

The CD includes 7 Doom Metal songs with death and a clean voice. According to the CD info, the album has 4 tracks and 3 bonus tracks. Well, in my opinion there are no outstanding tracks on it. After listening many times I must conclude that the numbers just pass by without stirring much emotion. This spanish group rings us with “The Roots Of Dreamers” an own made product, and as far as I am concerned I don't think any record labels will be jumping to give them a contract.

My rating: 62 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)