Metal To Infinity

As I have told in the Darkblack review Stormspell Records released also another album from a more traditional Heavy Metal band. These releases are scheduled between the typical packages of the label. Next to Darkblack this label also gave Noctum from Sweden a fair chance to show the world what they’re up to. Just as Darkblack’s release Noctum goes back to the roots of Heavy Metal.

As a matter of fact Noctum goes even further than Darblack did and they found their inspiration obviously in the Seventies Rock scène. Fans of the very old and obscure Heavy/Doom Metal should really try this one out. The music of Noctum is perfect to get into the typical mood of this era, will give the older fans a chance to re-live those days. I suppose several flashbacks will make part of them… Noctum stays far away from a modern production and the result is an album with that typical ‘old’ sound. This kind of music is actually quite popular nowadays and more and more labels are releasing this kind of albums. For the youngsters amongst us it is the perfect reason to dig further into the history of Heavy Metal… This kind of Metal will probably never be worldwide popular again but don’t on the other hand we shouldn’t underestimate the Doom Metal scène!

“The Seance” is an album I really enjoyed and it’s no coincidence I have purchased some old Black Sabbath albums the last months, neither is it a coincidence that my reviews about this kind of albums were rather positive. Not that I listen every day to this kind of music but I have these moments… This record contains eight songs with the atmosphere you can expect from this kind of music. Fans of the ancient Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Trouble etc. shouldn’t hesitate. The vocals are in vein of what Ozzy did in those days, the guitar solos are emotional and as a matter of fact pretty seducing. Also the drum sessions are so typical for this kind of music. I’ve heard several good written songs and especially “Lucifers Way” was a track I’ve enjoyed a lot.

Add a cool front cover and you’ll have no reasons to doubt. This CD is limited to 500 and I’ve noticed only a few are available, so be quick! Order this goodie at .

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)