Metal To Infinity

Second album from Malta based Doom Metal gods Nomad Son has been unleashed and again the final result is outstanding on every point of view! Known as a side project created by bassist Albert Bell (Forsaken), Nomad Son’s previous and debut work entitled “First Light” can be considered as a start of a big career – I wrote the review with pleasure, my rating was very positive but well deserved. I know, it’s a personal meaning but to me, Doom Metal have to be played like this – old school wise! 

Nomad Son’s new album “The Eternal Return” looks terrific all the way. Metal On Metal Records is one of those labels always appear with magnificent artworks / lay out delivered by Jowita Kaminska and husband Simone Peruzzi. Each time they unleash a new CD, all looks very professional so I’d like to raise my thumbs up in a completely sincere way! 

Eight new songs from Nomad Son to enjoy – as mentioned before Doom Metal reigns all over… to what I’ve heard on it, this is a beautiful album or should I better describe it as a true masterpiece! These guys are so damn good in what they do… to make a nice combination of Traditional Doom / Heavy Metal and late 70’s, kinda psychedelic Hard Rock you’ve gotta be strong, very strong actually! Has Nomad Son succeeded in this set-up? You simply can be totally sure about that! 

Quite original vocals using a charismatic, full of energy type of singing – guitar riffs and solo’s seems better than on the “First Light” album… more on the foreground which was the right decision I guess. The use of an Hammond Organ brings a seventies feel for real and nothing’s wrong with that, on the contrary… check out legends as Uriah Heep or Deep Purple for example. Actually, this is what a band like Nomad Son is all about. To bring back the good old days of Hard Rock and Doom / Heavy Metal and you won’t hear me complain at all! 

I guess it’s better to order “The Eternal Return” right away, especially if your heart and soul longs for Doom Metal music in the line of Trouble, Pentagram, old Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Dream Death / Penance, Heathendom, Solitude Aeturnus, Place Of Skulls. According to myself, this one sounds better than their predecessor “First Light”. No need to mention my favourite tracks – therefore the entire album is too damn good so…  Great album by a highly appreciated Doom Metal act named Nomad Son!  

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)