Metal To Infinity

Anyone familiar with Quest For Fire? Iím not! Reading the biography of this band it seems to be a solo project from the singer and guitarist of this Canadian Psycho Rock band. Well, Iím not exactly familiar with this style and to be honest Iím not always in the mood for it. I didnít know what to expect from this one but hey, letís give it a chance! 

Strange, special, bizarre but beautiful, those are the words that are crossing my mind when I start this disc. This obscure ĎSeventiesí atmosphere still is powerful and the fact a youngster is playing this kind of music is indeed bizarre. It also declares how strong the music of the Seventies and Eighties really was. It is once more music that doesnít really need a Ďtripí to get in the right mood although I am convinced it would empower the listenerís feeling listening to it. Some cold shivering here and there as Chad Ross is able to dig deep into my memories by the way he brings his acoustic snare touches and melancholic refrains. Fans of pure Metal, this is without any doubts still a pure Heavy Metal webzine, will not really find what they are searching for with Nordic Nomadic. On the other hand people who adore good music in which the guitar plays an important role should give this one a chance.   I really enjoyed this one but I admit the listener needs to be in the right mood. Not for every day but strange, special, bizarre and beautiful. Check  

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Offficer Nice)