Metal To Infinity

While a hot summer sun makes my life a bit more difficult I need to review an album about winter. The question is if the album will make me hotter, or do I want some coldness to wave over me? Anyway Northwinds isn’t a band I am familiar with but a package full of Doom Metal releases was sent my way so I already knew what to expect.

Did I? No, not exactly because even in this particular genre there’s a wide bunch of bands, playing their thing. What no band can deny is the influence of the old Black Sabbath and the Seventies Rock. Northwinds is a band from Paris and to be honest not for even a slice of a second I should have thought these guys are from France.

Therefore Northwinds is too much influenced by the Godfathers of Heavy Metal and musical wise this is a very strong release. Northwinds succeeds in staying obscure all the way although the production of this record is pretty strong. The arrangements include a Progressive touch but overall that typical mystical atmosphere is present. The band weaves influences of Pink Floyd and even The Doors into their music and because of it the listener is pretty soon under the spell of these performances. Northwinds also contains a bit of those old school NWOBHM bands and Angel Witch surely crossed my mind listening to “Gorgoin”. Fantastic performance, a prove some good musicians are present here! A typical Doom Metal album? No, not exactly because of the Progressive sounds that are weaved into the music, not because Northwinds always tries to find a melodic touch. It makes this album anyway seducive!

“Winter” is a very grateful subject to write music and lyrics about and of course Doom Metal is the perfect kind of music for it. Northwinds did everything they could to make all these points recognizable. Even the front cover speaks for itself, for the music, for what Northwinds is standing for!

I have no negative points to tell about this release except that Spring isn’t the best moment to release an album about Winter. Anyway I will take this album back when the first cold is heading our way, when snow falls and a cold Northern Wind freezes my bones! Great release you should check out at

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Office Nice)