Metal To Infinity

Wayne Findlay was a touring guitar player with the Michael Schenker Group but he never recorded an album with the band. Not that bizarre because Michael Schenker has always been an unstable guitar hero, with uncountable musicians around him who couldn’t or wouldn’t stay. That’s a pity because Michael Schenker could have had a far bigger career if he would have been free from drugs and more enjoyable to play music with. Yet I am a fan of his very old albums and to me he’s one of the most charismatic musicians ever. Wayne Findlay appeared on an album from a band called Slavior and that was a pretty good effort. Along with Paul Jones he formed No Sky Today and I admit I was pretty curious about this one… 

This one became a very good Hard Rocking album that fans of M.S.G. will like for sure. The rhythms, the song structures, the way these songs are written are totally in vein of my old time German guitar hero. Not when he was on his top but nevertheless this album proves some professionals are playing around here. Okay, M.S.G. is the most obvious choice to compare No Sky Today with but I am sure a good listener will find multiple more choices. It doesn’t really matter anyway because this is an disc that stands tall and is full of good choruses an refrains, full of awesome leads and everything a fan of traditional Hard Rock / Melodic Heavy Metal needs. 

I’ve read the band is already working on their second album so hurry up to purchase this one first. Highlights are for sure “She’s on fire”, “Escape”, the acoustic “Intermezzo” and “Into The Sun”. Check this band out at  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)