Metal To Infinity

For all brothers and sisters experienced the early eighties Metal movement themselves it is actually not necessary to introduce these guys from Germany named Not Fragile. To keep it short, they were formed back in 1980 and created many great outputs throughout decades. First album ever released was entitled “Who Dares Wins”, an 8 song album unleashed by English label Metalother in 1988. Next ‘Metal assault from the ears’ effort was the EP “Lost In A Dream”… this time, it was German based Hellion Records that delivered the good! Find out the entire discography of Not Fragile right HERE. For this time, I’d like to focus myself on their first, 2 releases because of the fact Hellion Records is about to unleash both works as CD edition available on one silver disc plus bonus tracks! 

It was due to the band’s 20th. Anniversary – plans were made to bring out both “Who Dares Wins” (1988) / “Lost In A Dream” (1989). I see it all as a fair gift to a band who deserve a glimmering medal of Metal for being among us delivering Heavy Metal music as we like it the most of all – old school, pure as can be! Expect some kinda proper versions of the originals – Hellion Records would like to do it this way out to get more attention from a wider / younger audience. 

First real punch in the head is a song called ‘With All My Might’, typical 80s styled German Heavy / Speed Metal and so I’d like to describe next one ‘High Into Heaven’ also. Fast drums with authentic Classic Speed Metal guitar riffs and well fitted vocals. The vocal parts are not from a world class type – I’d rather call it an average way of singing… loud and clear, according to what I hear sometimes quite unstable. ‘Opus 7.3’ is a great instrumental, approximately one minute lasting but just amazing! More speed up rhythms come along as soon as the song ‘Out Of Law” starts slaughtering your speakers – better stand strong for ’Craze And Hunger’ coming on next… the real funny ‘Bbbrräää shuts down with a big smile.  

What follows are the entire “Lost In A Dream” EP, originally unleashed in 1989. Three songs to enjoy and can be considered as the continuator of “Who Dares Wins”… fast songs with great guitar moves and mid-ranged vocals. To let my heart speak and due to the vocal lines not that spectacular for myself, I really had a great time hearing all the songs back after so many years. Pleased to have them on CD first of all but Hellion Records won’t be Hellion Records without spoiling us with a few extra’s.  

Besides both debut LP and EP, there are a few bonus tracks added to the songlist… all covers, I guess some of you will be very surprised with Not Fragile’s choice. Here they are: ‘Victim Of States Power (Running Wild), ‘Exterminator (Angel Witch), ‘Because The Night’ (Patti Smith), ‘Eye Of The Storm’ (Sweet Savage) and ‘Knuckle Sandwich Nancy (Slade).

Sound quality of this new Not Fragile album is very good, not too polished – I call it ‘old school Metal minded’ and that’s what we like, right! The picture as reflecting on the front cover looks and breathes Metal in its purest form, the inside of the many pages counted booklet is loaded with cool ‘early days’ images of the band and many more interesting information… once again, a must-have for all True Metal maniacs...let amplifiers humming! Order possibilities at:

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)