Metal To Infinity

Nova Orbis stands for ‘New World’, and refers probably also to the map of the world that originally was presented for the first time by Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) and spread in 1570.  This band from Colombia, South America, plays music with accents of Progressive and Gothic Metal, and what they do is certainly not bad! I always have reservations when we talk about metal from South America, but this band proves that they are able and capable to compete with the major acts from the USA and Europe.  And that’s really cool, because music had no boundaries, nor limitations, and it gives hope for the future.  South America is such a huge continent packed with passionate metal addicts, but so far, only few succeeded to rise out of the ashes.  Technical backlog, limited recording facilities and inexperienced sound engineers could be the reason why this part of the world isn’t present on the metal map…yet. But things can change quickly, and the first move might be assigned to this Nova Orbis.  All hail to the new world of Metal ! 

In the year 2005, some passionate music fanatics gathered together in Bogotá to share their passion. Creating, writing, composing, rehearsing and joining a band was the ultimate goal to reach, and they did it with so much passion and commitment, that this first result is available since September 2009.  

More details about the recording session, line up and complete biography can be found at their homepage, so it’s useless to write it down in this review. ( )

 We want to talk about their music, and the first acquaintance with ‘Nova Orbis’ is the song “Castle Of Exile”. This one start really calm and reluctant, but after one minute, a lot of instruments drop in, and this gave me a really good feeling.  Good structure, great arrangement, and the song really starts on the moment when female vocalist Ana Maria Barajas starts the first lyrics.  What a powerful voice, what an energy that is really completing the song!! After a while, a male voice occurs, and that’s a good interaction, although, I’m glad that we can focus on the voice on Ana Maria! 

The second track is called ‘”Unstable Mind”, and this one has much more power, progressive influences and a higher speed. This is the perfect follow up song  because it gives a good idea that this band is able to bring variety, and in the same moment, they remain in the same musical style and direction.  Nova Orbis is delivering a perfect dose of metal, progression, Gothic and other influences, and they prove that they have the craftsmanship to complete all these different elements into one song.  I just love it ! 

This album needs a few listens to explore all details that are mixed inside the songs, and a headphone is a helpful tool to get deeper into the music on ‘Imago’.  I believe that this band is unsigned yet, but they get a helping hand from Lugga Music Promotions from Spain, and this indicates that at least one agency have the talent to find out what bands are able to play and reject the inferior ones.  Horns up to those in Spain that decided to give this band a helping hand, as they deserve it to get into the spotlight of success.    

All songs have an own twist, a different approach, and it’s hard to pick out the best sounding tracks, as they all have the same passion, and quality on board! I’m looking forward to hear more of Nova Orbis in the future, and wish them all the best and success with this terrific debut Imago! 

My rating: 86 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)