Metal To Infinity

Pagan Metal, Viking Metal, Folk Metal…. All have something in common, I suppose I don’t need to explain what. What I do know is that Obscurity is a Belgian Metal band and although Belgium is chosen as the most boring country on earth Obscurity can’t be blamed for it! Well, I suppose most people don’t really know Belgium but believe me if I say it isn’t boring at all, every day there happens something that blows you away and citizens don’t understand.  

Anyway there’s nothing that makes you believe Obscurity is a Belgian band. First of all the language of the lyrics seems to be German. For Belgium it isn’t that bizarre because a part of our country is German, given to Belgium after World War I as compensation for all sufferings. On the other side this is the first Belgian band I know about that sings German. Not that I really care because the lyrics are for the biggest part not understandable. On the other hand I have always been a fan of Rammstein…. 

Musical wise Obscurity hits very hard all the time, aggressive from the beginning until the end. It seems these guys are prepared for a big war and after watching the latest “Robin Hood” movie I was totally into the mood for this CD! Nevertheless good rhythms and melodic parts are foreseen. At some points even awesome acoustic parts are weaved into the music and they fit the music very well. This very good produced CD brings one after another great Viking Metal song that represents the typical atmosphere this kind of music demands. Obscurity does it without any folkloric elements or samples and that does mean, to me, they’re very convincing. So yes, this is a very great album that fans of Pagan Metal really should check out.  

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)