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Regularly searching for possible interesting bands while cruising through the infinitely much pages of – if you can’t find what you are looking for on myspace, something’s definitely wrong with both you or your computer! No matter which form of music you like, you will find interesting bands surely – as for us at Metal To Infinity webzine, we came in touch with numerous great Metal bands so far and hopefully the future bring on tons of others more . Next outfit in line hails us all from Spain, listened to the name of Omission – I’d like to warn you already, extreme Thrash Metal comes your way out! 

With a current line up that looks like: Patillas (vocals / rhythm guitars), Julito (bass), Marco (lead guitar) and Juanjo on drums… once again, these guys know how to thrash someone’s brains out. Omission gave birth to 3 demo’s, recorded a split vinyl with the band OLD, participated with 32 Portuguese bands on the compilation “Irmandade Metalica Vol. 1”, recorded a video clip for the song ‘V.P.A.’,…  and of course the release of a full length album entitled “Thrash Metal Is Violence”, the one I’d like to spread the word of right here – right now! 

“Thrash Metal Is Violence” breaths an extreme form of Thrash Metal all the way… from the beginning until the end, you better hang on real tight in hope to survive this way aggression. Vocally wise, I’ve got the intention to hear a frontguy using his throat in a way, actually both Thrash and Black Metal minded. Extremely aggressive, sometimes shrieking vocals finding a way straight through marrow and bones. To discuss the vocal use only I’d like to compare with very early Kreator, Destruction or Bathory. 

If you think Omission only has an eye to take the speed up lane by total aggression, in that case you’re fully wrong! You have to be well skilled to combine raging speed and aggression with technical skills too. According to myself, Omission does it all quite good… I'm feeling good with their old school minded, completely Thrash Metal loaded guitar riffs and flammable solo’s. Refreshing my ears and listen to a very early Kreator or Bathory album… they became absolutely faves of mine as years passed by but during their first period of existence, it was hard to find back a decent guitar riffs / solo to me. 

Based on this point, I just want to say that the roads are entirely open for a band like Omission… like all the greatest Thrash Metal outfits struggled through difficult times in the beginning, they’ve got quite a few things to learn but while listening to “Thrash Metal Is Violence” – I honestly said, they will survive the nowadays Thrash Metal movement without an issue. Even their style is pure old school minded, my trust in these guys is sincere! 

Ten songs on the tracklist, production not too polished which is good to me (gives an extra eighties feel you know!), good looking booklet within awesome images of the band, lyrics,… fans of early Bathory, Kreator, Possessed, Slaughterlord or even our own Belgian Thrash Metal revelation Gae Bolga and US based Exmortus have to check out Omission at:  

MY POINTS: 82 / 100 (Review by Stefan)