Metal To Infinity

I suppose Red Rivet records is specialized in Spanish Heavy Metal. I presume this band is from Spain as well although the lack of knowledge about this language makes it impossible to find it out. Thankfully the Internet helped me further and I discovered a website that knows more about this band. Not only did I found out this is the band’s second releases, about this one there’s even a review added. I admit I was astonished when I read the writer of this review rated this album with the maximum score. This guy is extremely enthusiastic about it, he’s talking about a masterpiece, an album every single Metal head should hear and conludes by saying already now this is one of the best albums of 2010.

Strange because at first this album didn't have the same effect on me, obliging me to pump up the volume.  I can imagine that fans of European Power Metal adore releases like this but the 'click' didn't come yet. Is it because of me or is it because of the album? Anyhow I didn’t give up and easily I discovered de band didn’t steal it’s name. During the entire album orchestral and bombastic arrangements supports their music. It gives this music a specific atmosphere, reminding me to Adagio’s records, especially the first one. To be honest I was totally into this album when it was released and so I can figure out, note after note, why the previous mentioned reviewer worships this release. My scepticism slowly vanished and the further I got into this album and the more spins I gave it the more I respect it, the more this one overwhelms me.

On this album you will find spectacular guitar solos, fast fingered keyboard sessions and riffs with uncountable touches on the strings. Subtle piano intermezzos and odd elements are weaved in and between the songs. Also classical intro’s are foreseen and Opera Magna plays their songs mostly on a high tempo, with a power that impresses the listener. Nevertheless the songs sounds different from each other and the shredding guitars are overwhelming. This entire album is performed on a clear production and at the right points operatic vocals supports this Progressive Power Metal, giving the music an extra dimension. Also some angelic voices are added here and there, delivering the same effect. This album takes you by the throat and seduces the listener because of it's dark beauty. Vocal wise the timbre of Jose Vicente Broseta fits the music very well, call it specific for this kind of Metal. At some points he dares to get near the boundaries from his personal limits but after all I didn’t hear any mistake! In my opinion the man did the nearly perfect job, only a bit more variation in the vocal lines should have lifted the band - to me - to the higest possible level.

I cannot only imagine this album is a concept CD about Edgar Allan Poe, the last song and the album title explains everything. Edgar Allan Poe was a fantastic horror and fantasy writer, macabre and sinister… The booklet and the back breathes the atmosphere this album is longing for, which is fantastic in my opinion! Even stronger is the fact that the music itself, the used samples and the way every detail is foreseen and performed brings me perfectly into a framework  where I can easily think about Poe! This is strong, making this one of the best concept CD's I've heard in many years!

European power Metal has never been ‘my thing’ unless it is overwhelming and this release blows me totally , away! The technical Progressive arrangements, the used Power, the effects and bombastic he song writing and the specific dark mood a story of Edgar Allen poe is longing for are in a perfect balance. So yes, this CD indeed a masterpiece. Fans of Labyrinth, Adagio, Rhapsody Of Fire, Symphony X etc. are as a matter of fact obliged purchasing this one, no matter if you like or dislike Spanish lyrics. I agree with my colleague this album deserves to be heard by every single Metal fan! Is this one good enough to deserve the perfect rate? No, almost but in it’s style “Poe” it is at least the best I’ve heard in a very, very, long time. Check these guys out at http://myspace.com/operamagna  or  http://www.operamanga.net.

My points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)