Metal To Infinity

Officially, the debut album from Greece based Orion’s Reign entitled “Nuclear Winter” saw daylight back in late November 2008 – fans could order this product only via band contact because of the fact it was a self financed, so called independent output. Back then, there were eleven tracks to enjoy – the re-release of this album has the same songs plus at least 5 bonus works on board to please you all. Ice Warrior Records brought just released “Nuclear Winter” as a deluxe edition… all looks very professional, about the band’s style of music I have to say the following words… 

Checking out the band’s line-up I count six individuals and a bunch of guest musicians, actually members of bands like Firewind, Fragile Vastness, Burden Of Legacy, Wastefall among others and guitar wizard in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen named Theodore Ziras who’s one of my favourite guitar players for sure. Mainly, Melodic Power Metal can be mentioned as Orion’s Reign name of the game. Spiced with ingredients taken from other genres like Neo Classical, Orchestral / Symphonic, Fold and Epic Metal – “Nuclear Winter” is a good album but can’t keep up my complete attention up high. I absolutely don’t want to criticize this band in no ways – therefore they’re too much skilled to the bone. It’s just the fact my heart doesn’t feel the same about Euro Power Metal as it did several years ago. Reason why and as I’ve written many times before… originality is far gone – in other words I got the feeling hearing it all before. 

I’d like to put Orion’s Reign into a category where other troops like Sonata Arctica, Yngwie Malmsteen, Labyrinth, Heavenly, Nightwish or Stratovarius  already took place quite a long time ago. Make a blend of all these to get and idea of what Orion’s Reign has to deliver. Take a good listen to the instrumental highlight entitled ‘Steel Horizons’… full shred guitar and quite fast rhythms, one of my favourite songs for sure. Opener ‘Amidst The Battle’ is a great Power Metal track also with good vocals and flammable, technical guitar works to the extreme – awesome! The first of the bonus ones ‘Last Stand’ is an Epic Power Metal song with high vocals, attractive speed velocities and beautiful guitar moves. The orchestral versions of ‘Last Stand’ and ‘Siege Of Ruad’ seem superfluous to me. 

The production of “Nuclear Winter” is optimal good – a real tight and warm sound to enjoy. A pleasure to me meeting a band like Orion’s Reign which, a band I really appreciate for the delivery of outstanding skills – music for the big crowd, fans of Euro Power Metal will be in seventh heaven with the release undoubtedly. Speaking for myself, I'm moderately satisfied! http://www.myspace.com/orionsreign  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Stefan)