Metal To Infinity

Yesterday, I received a promo album from Norwegian Orpheus which is a five piece, female fronted formation. A few guys met each other while following music school somewhere in their homeland… a story we heard so many times before, one led to another and Orpheus was born. Upcoming outfits always try to walk the line of their idols – as for Orpheus, bands like Iron Maiden, In Flames and Guns ‘N Roses can be mentioned as reference units. 

Also heard about a thousand times before is the fact that musicians entered the ranks one day while the other day they decided to leave again, etc – etc… I'm sure you know what I mean, isn’t it?! Boring from my side to mention this but that’s just the way it goes in the world of music. I’d rather like to keep it short and tell you that Orpheus so far unleashed both demo and EP efforts before – in June 2009 they brought out a first self-titled full CD through their own label Sidehorn Records. 

Orpheus’ new album contains 8 songs and has a great production, let that be clear first of all. About the songs and the style Orpheus deliver – well, that’s another question. I definitely have mixed feelings here – female singer Ingrid Galadriel has not the most impressive style of singing in might…determinable as ‘quite unique’, still she can’t please me completely. Some of the vocal parts are not feasible for her so from time to time, things went wrong. The future will tell if this good looking woman can’t stand the test of time. 

Finding myself a way through the entire album I hear different styles bursting my speakers. Groovy guitar riffs and heavy loaded bass lines but there is more necessary for me to convince me all over. The guitar players deserve a big applause – these guys pull strings in decent ways and that’s a plus point. Especially while offering Metal duties I'm fully content – also based on the melodic solo activities, both can stand their own ground problemless! 

Pity to me, not all of the tracks have a pure Metal identity – in my vision there are also influences from the Alternative Rock / Metal scene and that’s a bridge to far. If Orpheus played their songs fully Metal characterized from A to Z, I should be a very satisfied person. If they had did it this way out, I'm almost sure that the ‘real’ Orpheus would appear. I’ve got the feelings sometimes, the band makes it too difficult for their own! Just keep it pure Metal minded and forget about quite boring twists and turns. I'm sure the band is made to play Heavy Metal pure – they’ve got the skills in its ranks to do, so…! 

I will not break Orpheus down to the ground – hell no! I’ve heard a band containing well skilled musicians but unfortunately to me, I’ve missed some more Metal attitude musically wise.  www.myspace.com/orphmo  

My Points: 72 / 100 (Review by Stefan)