Metal To Infinity

Italian based Overmaster’s existence started in 2006… ex- Kaiser / White Skull singer  Gustavo Adrian Gabarro aka Gus got company from drummer Carlos and  (also ex-White Skull) guitarist Pino Sicari joined forces. First rehearsals took place and the guys practised fingers to the bone all day long but actually they were still on the hunt for a decent bass and keyboard player to complete the ranks. Two missing links that finally were found by Dimitri Oldani and Alexandros. A 4 track demo they brought out later on but Overmaster had a lot more in their might to please the world of Heavy / Power Metal even better. After only one demo in hands, you’ve gotta be very strong to start the recordings of a debut full length album already, isn’t it? Overmaster took the challenge, went on straight forward to it and due to sign a contract with Cruz Del Sur Music, they can be proud with the end result of “Madness Of War” – Overmaster’s debut album! 

With a high standard sound quality, the album opens with an intro (to be honest, I’m not a big fan of all those intro’s actually)… up to track two entitled ‘Marble King’, immediately seized by the throat – this is a great Power Metal song that shows immediately what a band like Overmaster is all about. Superb guitar (sometimes thrashing) riffing and even better solo movements those who beats me in the face. Based on the guitar works only, I’m impressed all over! What about the vocal use? Well, no doubt about that Gus has a unique way of singing. Not that easy to compare with other frontmen – not high pitched, raw or whatever… this is just a great singer deserving my attention with a lot of admiration.  

Serving songs about the horrors of war throughout decades, let me give you some good advise – listen to some well done Power Metal highlights as: ‘Spartan Warrior’,  ‘Overlord’, Children Of The Sand’, ‘Battle Prayer, ‘Prophet Of War’ and ‘Efialths’. Maybe there is one song I forgot to mention but that had been done on purpose actually. The song is entitled ‘Nameless Hero’, a sensitive and well played semi ballad with great lyrics reflecting nothing but the cold hard reality about things happened during the Malvinas / Falkland war. It seems like Overmaster is fascinated by history facts, actually horrible things happened in times of war… so many people (including innocent children) were eliminated and for which reason? Think about that twice! 

Let me conclude this review by telling you all that Overmaster differs from the general Italian Metal scene, that’s for sure. These guys bring on nice atmospheres with awesome and especially very technical powerplay skills full of melodic parts… above all of this – you gets a unique vocalist too. Due to “Madness Of War” can be described as a Euro Power Metal output, I’m sure that also US Metal maniacs (including myself) will dig it too, mainly for the guitar riffs! Check out Overmaster HERE. 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)