Metal To Infinity

Even it’s Monday morning late December 2009 at the moment – I'm feeling good… not because of the fact Holiday season is nearby (I don’t like this period at all) but due to the fact I listened to a six song EP released by a Belgian band called Psycho Virginteen! Consisting out of five members who played before in other groups delivering styles of music ranges from extreme Metal to Rock! I know, there is quite a huge distance in between these styles but I can assure you all by now – PVT found the right solution to let it all fit in a very pleasant and surely hard hitting, rocking way! 

Title of the disc they’ve sent last week is “A Practical Lesson In Etiquette”, according the information on the flipside of the front cover, there should be only three songs audible but… dropping the CD into the layer of my player, the index gives on there are six songs to enjoy. No problem to me – let’s find out what these guys has to offer. 

Immediately clear is that the production is from a high calibre. Heavy sound in a perfect way – man in charge for this was Do from Southern Voodoo (great job bro!). Based on the music, well these guys show how to Rock for sure. Right on, fist in the air Hard Rock music, spiced with a little bit of Southern and definitely Glam Rock touch. To me, a sound that can be compared with many greats used to know from the American scene like LA Guns, Skid Row, Flexx Bronco, American Dog, Guns N Roses, Broken Teeth. 

We don’t have much bands here in Belgium who play their stuff like PVT – as far as I know, I can only bring on band names like Monster Joe and Southern Voodooo. Make notice of the fact I'm not following this type of music as close as I do for Heavy metal music so… 

First three songs on Psycho Virginteen’s EP as there are ‘Backdoor Baby’, ‘Gunshot’ and ‘Travellin’ Man’ to bring on the Hard Rock and Glam spirit full speed ahead, loud as can be and most important… in a very professional way. Real good singer who’s taking care of his vocal notes perfectly to me. I hear a guy with a stable, still clear and dirty – kinda boozy manner of singing and yes… that is what anti fashion, just dirty Rock is all about! 

There is another set of 3 works added to the tracklist, unfortunately the titles are not mentioned on the cover but in fact, that’s is not the main point you know. These songs are just real good, played by a bunch of well skilled musicians able to keep up the spirit of good old Hard Rock / Glam Metal way up high!  

“A Practical Lesson In Etiguette” ain’t the most interesting product for all mainstream, so called modern Rock / Metal music. If you don’t like your stuff old fashioned, American styled… better take a hike and try something else. Psycho Virginteen tried out something real different than used to do before and according to me – they absolutely succeed on all area. Hard Rock barrooms playing stuff from PVT, well I'm sure there will be a dirty rock feast going on. Cheers to all those hanging at the bar like true brothers and sisters and hope to see the band live on stage bringing down the roof! Watch out for their website at:  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)