Metal To Infinity

Obscurity is the ultimate synonym if we talk about Pagan Altar. These guys are hanging around in the Metal scène since the late Seventies and have always kept their dark underground image. It’s actually a band that deserves the label ‘love it or hate it’ but especially in the scène of true Metal these lads are worshipped.

The band announced a new album that will be released soon but meanwhile “The Time Lord” is re-released, I suppose to receive the attention. A new front cover is foreseen but the same songs are available. If you’re into this specific kind of ambiance, think old Black Sabbath – the Ozzy era – Pagan Altar will be a perfect band for you. Fans from the first hour don’t need any introduction but I suppose the new generation does.

In a time where obscure Metal, often Doom Metal with a big slice of NWOBHM, is popular again, Pagan Altar releases this one on the right moment. An awesome Seventies / Eighties sound which can be declared because the tracks were recorded in that period, 1978 to be precise. Although there have been re-releases of this one before I advice you to add this one to your CD-racks. A nice trip to memory lane and a perfect warming-up for the coming album.

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)