Metal To Infinity

Another release from STF Records, and I was already a little suspicious as their previous releases didn’t convince me at all…  I wonder what a band like P.A.I.N. Management was going to deliver.  Well, let’s start with a positive note, as P.A.I.N. Management isn’t really that painful to listen to. Their album Lobotomy contains 11 songs and has a duration of 50 minutes. The first track opens with a keyboard / scifi intro and all in a sudden, the first guitar riffs drop in.  ‘I Disagree’ has a good start, opens really interesting, and the vocals lines are pleasant to listen to as well.  Pff… what a reassurance!   

The chorus of ‘I Disagree’ is also a bull’s eye as the songs is breathing the perfect atmosphere and keeps lingering on for a while!  A good start isn’t always the indication of a good album, but I must confess that P.A.I.N. Management succeeded in great musical trip, and all songs on this ‘Lobotomy’ release have a kind of ‘X-factor’ in the arrangements!  The second song is called ‘Weak’, and again we hear interesting keyboard fragments to give the right atmosphere to the track as a whole.  And again, the chorus line is dragging forward, grips you by the throat to convince that this band has the musical skills to get further on the ladder to success! I’ll keep an eye on these Germans as they are really promising!  Can’t point out any favorite tracks, as they all have something worth while listening to! 

My Rating: 87 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)