Metal To Infinity

If you think European oriented Power Metal is totally vanished you’re wrong. I admit it was a long time ago this kind of Metal was heading my way but I knew from the first moment I saw the front cover of this Pandaemonium what this all was about. Indeed it reminds me of Rhapsody (Of Fire), Luca Turilli…  And yes, Pandaemonium is also an Italian band so further discussions about the sources of inspiration are anyway needless.  

But, I repeat it again, thousands of other bands have cloned each other before so why should we blame Pandaemonium. I can only hope they will weave own ideas into their music… Are they able doing it? Well, not exactly and so I hear, after multiple listens, another typical Italian Power Metal band. The structures of the songs have been written many times before and the band really misses an own touch. Did Pandaemonium deliver a bad album? Not at all and to be honest it is rather difficult to find disappointing Italian Power Metal bands. 

The reasons are obvious; you need to be talented and even schooled to play this kind of Metal. These aren’t the easiest songs to write and perform and the intake of classical music supports my statement. So yes, Pandaemonium sounds for a part neo-classical but above as a typical Power Metal band. Choirs, female voices, classic instruments… are all foreseen and Pandamonium mixed them on a good way on their Powerful kind of Metal. Fast lightning guitar solos, double bass drums and soaring vocals are your share if you purchase this CD. 

Daniel Reda is the front man of the band and his timbre fits the band perfectly. This is how a singer of this kind of Metal should sound. It’s a pity he can’t hide he’s an Italian, some announces of words are really awful.  

European Power Metal is less hot as it was in the former decade. The genre has reached its saturation point but real fans of the genre keep on playing the style. These Italians must be fanatics of the first row and did the best they can to deliver “The Last Prayer”. I’m quite sure they’re not exactly the last prayer and others will keep on following this stream. Pandaemonium released a good album in the genre but forgot to add their own ideas into it. I suppose my words are enough to let you make the choice… Check

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)