Metal To Infinity

Paralysis is a four piece Metal band from sunny USA Miami Florida – formed by lead / rhythm guitarist Chris Hayes… this review is about Paralysis’ debut release which is actually a very good EP containing six shots of excellent US Power / Heavy Metal reminiscent to the good old days early Metal Church (The Dark), Iced Earth (Night Of The Stormrider), Savatage (Sirens / The Dungeons Are Calling). All mixed up with elements taken from the world of Prog Rock / Metal – the end result is really good to me! 

Vocalist / bassist Emilio Martinez is able to deliver a great job due to the fact his lungs breathing an excellent form of vocal use. Loud and very clear (including very calm and easy parts), sometimes high pitched - alternating with temporary rough, kinda aggressive passages… again, this is a great singer! The other guys in Paralysis to offer the very best as well, as for myself especially the guitar lines are fantastic. Nice hooks; melodic leads and riffage give me a really good time! About bass and drum duties – well, they’re pretty technical so no worries allowed. Some info between two paragraphs – Paralysis already have the reputation being a good live act also. So far, they’ve shared the stage with greats like Atheist, Circle II Circle, Black Tide, Deicide among others! 

This 40 minutes lasting EP opens with ‘Liquid Vanity’, a track that shows what Paralysis really stand for. The power and the glory is on right from the start – very good US Power Metal song with a link to early Iced Earth, musically seen at least. Early Savatage / Metal Church and even a bit of Anacrusis crosses my mind during particular parts on a song called ‘A Dark Prelude’. Important to say is that this one has superb tempo changes to offer. ‘Damnation In Faith’ is my favourite song for sure – the Classic US Metal feel is completely on so you won’t hear me complain at all! On ‘Chains Of Sorrow’ the vocals and outstanding melodic moves fulfilling all my desires – while listening to ‘Indecision’, I got that same feeling as well. 

Mainly, Paralysis brings on an excellent way of classic styled US Power Metal and are capable to serve their own manner of Metal spiced with Prog Rock / Metal ingredients as well – and they succeed completely, let that be clear. I pray to God and hope this release can be released in Europe also – follow your US Metal heart and find out more about Paralysis at:  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Stefan)