Metal To Infinity

I have talked about this band earlier in several reviews but because of the fact there’s no description about this record I feel obliged to make a report about this ’classic one’ (to me). Not that this is a new album nor is it an old CD; it is dated 2002. A friend of mine, who owns a music store in the centre of Ghent ordered this CD but couldn’t find anyone to sell it to. I was the first Metal head that crossed his mind and I’m still thankful because of it; what a masterpiece! 

Ever since I found this amazing Pathos release I have tried to lay my hands on all their releases but it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. Nevertheless this might be considered as one of the best Thrash Metal records ever released in Europe, at least it belongs in my top five if we consider European Thrash Metal. The reason is obvious; I’m totally into technical and varied Power / Thrash Metal with clean vocals and Pathos delivers me anything I want. 

This Swedish band took off in 1995 and released three albums from which I could only find this one and the debut. If someone wants to sell “Uni Versus Universe”, feel free to contact Metal To Infinity! In this band we can find Daniel Antonsson (Dark Tranquility, Dimension Zero and Soilwork) besides Lennart Specht, Esko Salow  and Thomas Antonsson from Nostradameus. Although these bands are much more famous I can’t understand why Pathos isn’t really active anymore. This is by far the best musical experience these guys have ever done! The infamous Paul Shöning is the singer on this particular release. 

Why I am so fond of this album? Well god damned because this release encloses razor sharp riffs, sophisticated and ultra technical arrangements, a devastating wall of power, mighty melodic vocal lines and from the beginning until the end superb strong and clean vocals! Fans of Nevermore, Dark Angel (only the “Time Does Not Heal” era), Testament (beginning years), Megadeth, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Outworld, Dark Arena… won’t believe their ears! 

Pathos can be best described as a Progressive US style oriented Doom / Power Metal band with mainly Thrash Metal influences. The reason I’ve mentioned Pathos before as a Thrash Metal band is just because of the fact Thrash is the major sound they bring! I know I write a lot of information in only one sentence but that’s not my mistake. I hold Pathos responsible for being so damn incredible and intelligent! The tempi are different in each track, although they’re mostly fast you will find out that every time they change the arrangements the differences are well and clever chosen. The production is, although polished, intense and blasting! Pathos creeps the hell out of you by the creative and unstoppable wall of sound they blow into your direction! 

It is so impossible to name a favorite song because Pathos treats you with one after another mind blowing track. Pathos doesn’t seem to award you any rest and keeps on playing on a high volume. In every particular song there’s so much to discover and every vocal line sounds compelling; forcing the listener to stay focused on every detail! Pathos is damaging, dynamic, pure adrenaline, unpredictable, dark, violent and overall dominant. Pathos exposes a new dimension in Metal! Once more I need to say another fantastic band, that Pathos really is, has never been worldwide respected because of it! 

Paul Shöning’s vocals are outstanding. This man contains an amazingly strong voice and his vocal lines are beautiful yet melancholic! In for example “Revelation” you will receive cold shivers for what this man cries out of his throat, amazing! And the refrains of this particular song will easily take you away in another imaginary world! Yes, Shöning is capable to bring the listener under a spell on every single track! Think on a Power / Thrash Metal sounding Robert Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass)! The melancholic emotions in his voice will make you worshipping him and this lad can easily adapt his voice in several Metal genres!    

You will witness tight riffs, awesome acoustic parts and  a powerful base of surprising bass guitar lines and amazingly played drums! It is clear this foundation is the fact that Pathos sounds so Progressive! Pathos contains fantastic composers and performers who deliver you a precious amalgam of musical elements. Pathos uses elements that makes this album dark, a bit industrial and overall out of the ordinary! 

After this release Pathos seemed to be vanished although their page is still operational. The members are still active in other bands and it’s such a pity they don’t put their energy in this band anymore! The Gothenburg Metal scène is famous because of its melodic Death Metal bands but to me this is the best Metal band this area have ever know! Looking at their page it seems I’m not the only one who’s longing for a new album. Check  

My Points : 96 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)