Metal To Infinity

Pegazus brings with In Metal we trust a typical eighties heavy metal album in the market. Typical ‘singalongs’ like we are used to from Pegazus basically. The cover says a lot, with a biker and hot chick reminiscent of Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” album. There is actually a cover of Priest on there, namely ‘Metal Gods’. It fits perfectly in the list of titles such as ‘Metal Messiah’, ‘Old Skool Metal Days’ and ‘We Live To Rock’ .. This is the fifth studio album by the Australians Pegazus, in addition to the DVD “Mythology-chapter II” (2006) and Live CD "Thunder from Down Under” (2005), since the “The Headless Horseman” in 2002. Now back with original vocalist Justin Fleming who, after 12 years in 2008, returned to the old nest.  

The album starts with ‘Metal Messiah’ including a powerful riff and a sing-along format that surely will do very well during a live performance. With lyrics like “…stand up and fight and in metal we trust…”. ‘Road Warrior’ start with a bike intro and the imminently spoken words like “you-can run, but can't hide”. A melodious song, with beautiful solo by guitarist and bandleader Johnny Stoj. Than we have the short version (4'33 "), of ‘Metal Old Skool Dayz’. You will find back a long version (6'14") of this track as well. The short version starts with a spoken intro and after that a great song that takes you back to the 80's. In the long version (where the spoken intro is missing) Pegazus is accompanied by guitarist Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar), David Shankle (formerly of Manowar / DSG) and Jeff Watson (ex-Night Ranger / Mothers Army) who plays a great guitar solo.  

Track 4 on CD ‘We live to rock’ which I find a lesser one personally. ‘Haunting Me’ is a melodic song that starts quietly and then picks up to mid tempo. The song has a big Iron Maiden content. Next ‘Eye For An Eye’ which immediately kicks you back to the golden 80's years, as well as the fast ‘Ghost Rider’. The cover of Judas Priest's ‘Metal Gods’ is a must. Well placed and well sung by Justin Fleming. It is not an improvement of the original, but that is the same with all covers. ‘End Of The World’ is more melodious. I can't say more about it because this is one of the lesser songs on the CD. ‘Death or Glory’ starts with an Manowar-like intro, then mid tempo and melodical. We end with the long version of ‘Old Skool Metal Days’, and this expresses very much what this album represents so called  melodic 80s Heavy Metal. The guitar solos in every song brought to us by bandleader Johnny Stoj brings each song to a higher level.  

For fans of Judas Priest, Saxon and Iron Maiden, this is worth buying. Okay it's a CD with many clichés, but we'll forgive them for it. With “In Metal We Trust” (not counting for the two lesser songs) Pegazus brings us a good album.  

My Points: 76 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)