Metal To Infinity

Perpetualfire seems to be an Italian band and when you read this you have a big chance guessing this is a Power Metal band. As a matter of fact Perpetualfire is indeed an Italian Power Metal band and I suppose you need to like this kind of music to read any further…  

When true Metal was as good as dead in the early nineties especially extreme Metal (Black and Death Metal) became popular. Nevertheless at the end of this decade also more and more European Power Metal bands broke through, holding the flame of traditional Metal burning. At that point of my life I didn’t dare to think that true Eighties Metal would ever be successful again and that’s the reason why I was digging into some of this kind of European Power Metal bands. Rhapsody, Labyrinth, Stratovarius… I have more than one release of them in my collection. Are these the best releases in my collection? No, not at all but in that era I really liked it. But too many came and I was far oversaturated because of it after a few years. For some reasons this kind of music couldn’t really steal my soul but it was a good surrogate to feed my Metal addiction. Once True Metal became popular again I lost my interest in this kind of “Happy” feeling Metal... 

Fortunately the last years the Metal scene changed again and darkness became more and more important again in Heavy Metal music. That’s the way I actually want it, to me Heavy Metal has always been a symbol for darkness, horror, Satanism,…!  

Anyway the fact I left the path of European Power Metal since many years makes me listen to this release of Perpetualfire with a more wide vision. I hear great riffs, fantastic shredding guitars and music that mixes traditional Heavy Metal with Euro-oriented Power Metal. Perpetualfire contains great musicians and a few spins learns this is after all a good CD. The band also contains a typical singer for this kind of music, Roby Beccalli, who has a high pitched and clear voice. 

When I hear “Kissing The Shadows” I know this band has a lot of talent, in song writing and in performances. Although Perpetual delivers music you’ve heard at least ten thousand times before they don’t bore at all. Especially those melodic traditional tracks are worth checking this one out; the title track is another example for my statement! The subtle keyboards aren’t the only reason; I really adore the riffs into it. Also “Alien” is a great song and I dare to conclude Perpetualfire pleases me more with their traditional Metal songs than with their Power Metal songs. It would be surprising if there wasn’t a ballad on this release so yes, a ballad is added too under the name of “Eternity”. “Time Machine” has been another great song I’ve heard and in songs like this the band reminds me to for example At Vance. 

This band released another album before, called “Endless World” and if you’re in a Metal shop to add this one in your collection I suppose you can buy that one blindfolded too.  Fans of Euro Power Metal have something to look out for because I’m sure they will like it. This kind of Metal lost a lot of its popularity but I suppose history will repeat itself…. A good release but to be honest I still prefer the heavier and darker stuff. Check  or  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)