Metal To Infinity

Time to spread the word of Swiss Power Metal band Pertness – their second album is just released through German label Karthago Records… entitled “From The Beginning To The End” is an effort that’ll please the Euro Power Metal fans definitely! 

Pertness’ previously released output “Seven Times Eternity” has been discussed by MTI co-editor Officer Nice. He wrote down his thoughts on the album within the back of his mind a lot of Heavy Metal knowledge he built up since the years we’re proud on to call “the almighty 80s Metal scene”. A right and honest rating he gave the album, we at MTI knew that one day the follow up to this debut album would be appear. Eventually, we have been released of waiting – here’s the second and brand new output entitled “From The Beginning To The End”. 

Again released by Karthago Records which seems the right label to collaborate with a band like Pertness. Once again, the entire packaging looks very well done… eye catching fantasy cover artwork created by The Master Of Fantasy Art named Georg Huber, the CD is available as collectors item with coloured tray, booklet features nice images of the band members / lyrics… last but not least, the production duties are in an optima condition – loud, wild and mainly real heavy! 

Well, to me the new Pertness brings on great Power Metal works played in a typical Euro minded way. Loads of melodious parts will please your ears, also the guitar riffage can be described as outstanding. I’ve mentioned it more than once before that the nowadays Euro Power Metal scene can’t totally please me anymore because of the fact there are so much elements that are coming back each time listening to a new released album. Mostly and according to my opinion, originality is far gone which is too bad actually. So, all bands that pop us with a Euro Power Metal these days have to be very strong to fulfil all my needs. As far a band like Pertness, in some ways they’re able to deserve my complete attention throughout the entire effort because there are many good ideas to enjoy while cruising the entire songlist of “From The Beginning To The End”. 

There is plenty of traditional power and loads of energy to detect, quite original and strongful singer… I’d like to put Pertness somewhere in between a category of Metal acts like Blind Guardian, Grave Digger and Wuthering Heights. Actually three excellents who know all about awesome Power Metal! Pertness offers their songs with lyrics about fantasy or religion played with both folk and somekind of an epic touch… on my word, the final result is more than just alright! Songs you really have to give a shot are: ‘Invisible Chains’, ‘My Prophecy’, ‘Walk Alone’, Remember Their Faces’ and last one ‘The End’. Along with these songs, be sure that True Power rules with an iron fist. 

It felt good to hear another Euro Power Metal album that pleases me like many others did a long time ago. Good musicians delivering a nice set of melodic Power Metal tracks, hope to hear more from Pertness in the future – a formation definitely worth to check out. Feel free to order right HERE.   

MY POINTS: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)