Metal To Infinity

I’ve heard Pharaoh for the very first time on the DCD, actually an Iron Maiden Tribute album, called “Maiden America”. Along with other superb bands like (for example) Twisted Tower Dire, Final Prayer and Sadus, Pharaoh did ‘Aces High’ in a VERY attractive manner. From that moment I keep an eye for what was next to come. Pharaoh’s debut “After The Fire” appeared in 2003 followed by the sophomore album “Too Far Gone”. In 2008 the band spoiled us again with a fantastic third one entitled “Be Gone”… in the summer of 2011 they convinced me with the EP “Ten Years”. Loaded with six reworked older songs and cover tracks, this product were recorded in anticipation of their new output “Bury The Light” through Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music! 

I’ve always known Pharaoh as a real good US Power Metal act so in advance, I knew that this new CD should be a killer as well. Singer Tim Aymar (ex-Control Denied) plays another big role within the game of Pharaoh. This guy has a special, idiosyncratic way of singing that never leave you in a state of boredom. Listening to a song like ‘The Year Of The Blizzard’, the man let hear of all the brilliant moves he’s capable of. Nothing but praise for the great vocal lines but also the rest of the band I greatly appreciate! The guitar tactics of Matt Johnsen are of a very high level, Chris Black’s offers his drumming talents orderly good and bass fiddler Chris Kerns just delivers a fantastic job! 

Well, “Bury The Light” is filled with Classic US Power Metal including a nod to US Speed Metal. First song ‘Leave Me Here To Dream” brings you technical power, awesome melodic lines, awesome vocals and a blistering drive! Pharaoh firmly pressed in the accelerator on songs like ‘The Wolves’ and next ‘Castles In The Air’ – each time delivered with driving Metal forces, GREAT! To me, ‘The Year Of The Blizzard’ is an epic masterpiece that shows a fine cohesion of a band who sound even better than ever before! This song feels kinda strange / unexpected in the beginning because of a passage that reminds me of legendary The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’ or Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Tear Of The Dragon’. Easy moments alternating with pure traditional, US Metal outbursts, damn right this is my favourite piece. Fantastic vocals and flammable guitar riffs/solo’s, works like make me feeling good, real good actually! Also, very pleasant to hear are ‘The Spider’s Thread’ (pure technical craftsmanship and loads of intense melodies reigns supreme throughout the entire song), ‘Graveyard Of Empires’ is technically seen the most impressive one of all.  

With an album like “Bury The Light”, Pharaoh is well underway in order to reach the Metal top in a very short time. Each album they released so far, a solid progress was audible which means that Pharaoh deliver their way of Metal music outstandingly and with a lot of determination. To all fans of the so called European type of Power Metal… broaden your minds and check out the US scene as well. I’m sure you will discover a whole lotta great stuff. First of all, I’d like to recommend Pharaoh’s new album “Bury The Light” (and older stuff)… go check ‘em out at: or . Dark, melodic and progressive US Power Metal in the vein of Miles Beyond, Aska, Wind Wraith, Wretch, Eidolon, Dofka, Winter’s Bane, Antithesis, K-Octave among others. Better believe me when i say that "Bury The Light" sounds fantastic... best Pharaoh album so far! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)