Metal To Infinity

I heard Pharoah from the first time as they were featuring on an Iron Maiden tribute album years ago – if my memory don’t let me down, title of the tribute was “Maiden America” and consisting of two silver discs. On one CD you will hear many bands playing the Maiden stuff, the other burst out in flames with original tracks from each one of the groups. Favourite ones of mine such as Twisted Tower Dire, Omen, Sadus and of course, the mighty US Metal act Pharaoh offering Maiden’s ‘Aces High’ and their own ‘Solar Flight’ in a very outstanding way… yeah right, from that moment I became a fan of the band! With much impatience, I longed for a full album and some time later, I was rewarded for the long wait. First there was “Be Gone” followed by “The Longest Night”, both released through Cruz Del Sur Music. Before these two efforts, Pharaoh released their self financed debut, an album I couldn’t found and buy but I’ll keep searching on, better believe that! 

A few months ago, Cruz Del Sur Music released the new, six song loaded EP called “Ten Years” – to me, a superb release all the way out! First I’d like to say something about the two covers added to the tracklist – there is ‘Whitelight’ from New Model Army, a band I really don’t like but okay, Pharaoh is intelligent enough to transform a very weak song into something that sounds much better than the original, in this case I say NO to the version of NMA and a wholehearted YEAH to the reworked version of Pharaoh. Second cover is ‘Tormentor’ from Slayer! Ever heard a Thrash Metal legendary song played in a US Power Metal tradition? Well, Pharaoh just did it and how brothers and sisters! This is definitely the most unexpected, surprising cover I’ve heard the last few years… magnificent!! 

Singer Tim Aymar has a real good voice which he has already proven with his former band Control Denied, remember? Vocal deliverers of this calibre could temp me a lot and make US Metal so attractive to me. Pharaoh also is very good in its service of superior guitar riffs and shred guitar moves (check out the title to get a thought of top notch guitar works). Above all, they are capable to get the bass and drumlines walking hand in hand. No doubt about, Pharaoh brings on the very best in US Power Metal.  

With the exception of both cover songs, “Ten Years” contains 4 more excellent pieces that were previously created during the sessions of their “Be Gone” album. Tracks appeared to be lost, now I’m very pleased they can be heard on the EP entitled “Ten Years”. Because of my longtime taste for US Metal, Pharaoh means a lot to me! Great albums they’ve made so far and to what I’ve heard, there is a new album in the works probably to be released somewhere in the fall. Bring it on asap guys and make my heart keep on pounding for almighty US Metal music. /

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)