Metal To Infinity

“Phil Vincent does it all…” I read at this man’s website. Well, this isn’t a lie because I notice this man is responsible for every instrument on this release, including the vocals. Even more; this isn’t at all the first release of Phil Vincent. This man is busy since 1996 with albums under his own name and he also has a band called Tragik. In a letter that Phil sent to Stefan he explains that this might be his last effort because of the fact illegal downloading also destroys his works. I suppose I was naïve thinking Metal fans buy their stuff instead of purchasing them at the Internet. 

People who download their music should be ashamed of themselves! Okay, the music industry is profiting too much and the musicians are the biggest victims but that doesn’t give people the right to profit of too. Musicians who work hard deserve their fair part, so is Phil Vincent. Bad luck that Phil Vincent isn’t famous and doesn’t have a big label behind him because his music really is worth checking out.  

Phil Vincent’s “Controlled Insanity” is indeed a great release. If you’re into melodic (Hard)Rock, mixed with melodic Heavy Metal arrangements, this might be something you are looking for. Not that Phil Vincent delivers totally new tunes but every single note is well chosen and perfectly performed. Influenced by bands like Marillion and Foreigner you will hear one after another great song. “Carry On” is for example a great track! It contains great choruses and refrains, superb guitars and the vocals are really impressive! This is a long lasting track (more than eight minutes) but one of the kind you want to last forever! Other songs I like is “Waiting”, the heavy sounding “Why?”, “Life Goes On”, “Part of me”. 

Phil Vincent is able to create one after another fantastic track and to hear what he did on his own is quite incredible. I have always had some kind of special respect for this kind of one-man bands... At several songs guest musicians are present. Besides this fact Phil Vincent seems to contain a good voice; clear, strong, melodic and able to perform emotions with it! Check it out at  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)