Metal To Infinity

Almost 30 years after their first record, the Dutch band Picture released their latest output ‘Old Dogs New Tricks’ by Metal Revalation management and agency. I still remember the first album like it was yesterday! “Picture 1” contained killer songs like ‘Dirty Street Fighter’, ‘You Can Go’, and the masterpiece that is still hot today: ‘Bombers’.  Through the years, the band had a lot of line up changes, and it would take us too far to write down the whole history of this fantastic band!  Check their homepage for additional info, or perhaps better, buy their new album in your local record store, as these guys can be nominated as the triumphant Dutch legend! ( www.myspace.com/pictureholland or www.pictureofficial.com )

Picture stood the test of time, their music still has their own trademark, nevertheless they had a lot of different vocalists in their ranks. Always slightly renewing, thus according to the musical influences of the time of release. But Picture never lost their focus to hard and heavy with the necessary melodic influences.  Their live album ‘Live 2008’ was recorded with the same line up as this new studio output, and I’m really glad that Pete Lovell is still the vocalist of the gang. Their previous studio album was released in 1987 (‘Marathon’), and I even had the pleasure to have the band in my little radio studio when I was host of Overdrive.  Years went by; problems occurred and got solved, so here it is: Old Dogs New Tricks! 

The front cover artwork isn’t really eye-catching compared with nowadays artists, but this can be said about many Picture covers from the past. The artwork of ‘Eternal Dark’ can be considered as one of the best in their career, and yes I know that it’s only a packing or wrapping, but for some it might be important… 

The first song on the new album is the title track, and I was really surprised about the sing-along chorus that lingers on throughout the song.  A little bit too much reprisals in my opinion, and I was left behind with an dissatisfied feeling…  The second song is luckily totally different! ‘Blood Out Of A Stone’ has a good uptempo speed, the vocals fits perfect to the composition, and I have the feeling that the typical Picture sound is present… Cool! We continue with ‘High On Fire’, and again we get a cool guitar riff with an interesting structure! Track four is called ‘Live By The Sword’ and has a fantastic chorus line that makes the whole song worthwhile to listen to! ‘Live By The Sword’ is a breathtaking ballad that is so powerful and full of emotions.  Just great how they managed this arrangement! And that’s how this album is going further and further. Another highlight on this album is the track ‘Celtic Cross’ that has a good riff and arrangement, and last but not least the final track on this new Picture album: ‘Never In a Million Years’!  

I believe that this band is ready for another 30 years, and I hope that they will get the chance to promote and tour out Europe as often as possible! This band is just cult, so we have respect for those that stood at the cradle of Metal! 

My rating: 86 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)