Metal To Infinity

Well, we have Obus, Muro, Baron Rojo, Sobredosis… Kick ass Metal from Spain! Good news my friends, we have another great Spanish Metal band to put in our collection! Piel de Serpiente, a band from Valencia has recently released their third album, but first on Pure Rock Records, “Inevitable”. With eleven songs on the album this band got me bangin’ every second. Though it’s a more progressive band they really know how to play Metal!

A really heavy bassline, powerfull drums, kick ass vocals and screaming guitars, what more do ywe want? Like the other Spanish bands mentioned above this band sings in their mother language which gives an extra touch to the total sound of the band. On songs like Estrellados del Rock you can really hear the Heavy Metal influences of bands like iron maiden, with a Spanish touch though. The album also features a tribute to Ronnie James Dio which I like because most of the bands play a cover of one of Ronnie’s former bands, this band simply makes an own tribute song! Respect.

I think this is a really strong band who should be less underrated than they are at this moment, they deserve more, way more! If you’re into good Hard Rock / Heavy Metal you should really give this band the chance to show you what they’ve got, and believe me, they got a lot! http://www.pieldeserpiente.net/web.htm

My points: 85 / 100 (Review by Timo)