Metal To Infinity

Another infamous band to me… Nevertheless the front cover was obvious enough to know what I could expect. This is some kind of modern Thrash / Death / Metalcore band. It is the kind of band that wants to profit from the popularity of the present Metal scène. Yes, this kind of Metal is popular nowadays amongst the youth and although I’m not the biggest fan I can easily take my time to listen to it.

After an instrumental into the band takes off with the typical kind of overwhelming riffs this kind of music is wanted for. Pigskin isn’t at all original but they’re able to blow the listener away by their modern produced release. Okay, I have heard stronger mixes but Pigskin shouldn’t be at all ashamed for what they’ve done right here. Pigskin offers good songs although none of them are able to keep on playing in my mind. Therefore Pigskin isn’t a band that is able to convince me after all… On some points I have the feeling they’re copying popular sounds from different genres, in the hope it will lead to a good song. But this doesn’t work…. 

Every riff is hard hitting and the technical played bass guitars and drum sessions supports the songs on a good way. It means Pigskin contains musicians that are able to write good music, fronted by an aggressive sounding vocalist. Especially the Death Metal influences are strongly present and Pigskin mixes them with vocal arrangements that Pantera made immortal although the original is still far away.  

Pigskin isn’t able to add an own original sound to their music and in some way I have heard any single note before. Although Pigskin sounds overwhelming at first you will discover they’re mediocre on this release after all. http://www.pigskin.ch.  

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)