Metal To Infinity

This is the second band that I review from Red Rivet Records. The precious one was called Hagalma, but they had a really poor substandard sound. Curiously, I wonder what this Pirana band would bring. They are from Mexico, and my expectations weren’t that high. Anyway, every bands get their spot on Metal To Infnity, so here is my honest opinion about this Pirana album ‘Corruption’.

The band was formed about 10 years ago, and they released already one album called ‘Destructive Animal Revolution’ in 2008. The proclaim that the musical direction is Thrash metal while the lyrical themes handle about the typical topics like War, Death, Metal and Violence.

The first track on ‘Corruption’ is the title track and instrumental as well. After 2’17” the real first track continuous with ‘Messenger Of God’. The voice of César is really different compared with the common thrash throat, but you get used to it after a few tracks. He’s capable to bring the songs original and convincing! “A Big Joke” is the next track and again we hear really thrashy guitars and filthy rhythm sections. This track is played at very high speed and is a real skull splitter!

“Better Begin Dead” is pretty heavy, has a dark vibe and as a whole, it’s a great thrash metal song with the necessary ingredients: screams, screaming guitars and thrash ‘till death! If you take a good listen to this song, you will agree that the rhythm section is playing at very high level. They aim for secure and tight riffing, and that’s how we all love it! Then, all in a sudden, we hear a live crowd that is screaming métaaal, métaaal, followed by great guitars and full blast. Strange that the audience is apparently gone… I guess it’s all mixed in the song, at the beginning and end. What’s the use of this? Nobody knows…

The last song before the outro is called “Viper” and that’s a heavy monster! Bloody hell, this track is log and imminent, but it’s a good track to end this second album of Pirana. After the outro we also get two bonus tracks, which are played live for a real audience. You can hear the difference in sound and quality from the very first tones. I don’t see what’s the value of those two tracks as they have nothing more to offer. Closing track is ‘Rage’ and this live execution has a really bad sound, and also the vocals aren’t really in the mix.

Corruption’ can be described as an album that has a few highlights, but unfortunately a lot of weaker songs as well. The addition of live songs was a bad choice, and if you skip the intro and outro, you will conclude that this album hasn’t that much to offer. Perhaps, they can keep this in mind for their next, third album, otherwise, people might reject these thrashers in the future…

My rating: 75 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)T CIS– Infected Existence (Malevolence Records)