Metal To Infinity

Fans of Stoner Rock might know this band, I don’t but I’m not particular a fan of this side-arm of Heavy Metal. Nevertheless it seems members of Swallow The Sun are members of this band, who’s front cover is orange. No, not band from Holland that tries to maintain popularity for the upcoming World Championship soccer in South Africa; this is a Finish band… 

It seems the band waited ten years to release this debut but don’t ask me why. I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of alternative Rock / Metal but I can’t deny some good song writers are in this band. Hard hitting and swinging Hard Rocking songs, one after another. This music is ideal for the big alternative radio stations, I’m quite sure they will adore it. For the selection of pure Metal fans the music might be a bit too ‘easy on the ear’ or too easy in general or should I say too less ‘true’. Nevertheless this is modern and especially the mainstream media are trying to make us, pure Metal heads, love this kind of music. I don’t blame the band for it, they did their best and this is a decent album anyway… 

Well, I admit I gave this CD fair chances and the melodic lines in every song pleased me. I’ve hear great guitar solos, good refrains, decent choruses. The band varies their music all the way and if you’re into this kind of groovy riffs this might be a band that will please you. Add a good singer and some guys who look though – yet alternative - and you will understand rather Plutonium Orange is a Grunge/Stoner Rock band that will deserve a place in your collection or not. 

Strongest songs are without any doubts “Killer by the road”, “The Glow” and the heavy “13 Minutes Of Agony”. Check the out at  

My Points : 81 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)