Metal To Infinity

Sometimes you discover front covers that makes it impossible to tell what the music is all about. Same counts for the band name… What the hell is Poois? And why does this front cover reminds me to some Seventies Progressive Rock band. It might be a band in this style but why is Rob Dukes of Exodus a guest musician on this CD? Is this Thrash? Anyway the front cover reminds me to Ronnie James Dio’s adventure with Glenn Drover on the “Love is all” hit. Is it because of the frog on the cover? Damn, without hearing one single second I have too many questions, let’s give this one a shot… 

This CD contains two acts and in the first part I’m surprised by what I am hearing. This is some special kind of Metal but the link with the Seventies Progressive Rock scène isn’t always that far away. Alternative for a big part but Metal and innovating for a big part. Totally innovating? Not exactly but this isn’t the common kind of Heavy Metal and I need multiple listens but I’m already convinced this is an amazing strong CD. Fans of Psychotic Waltz and Deadsoul Tribe must try to find this album! Mix it with influences from Pearl Jam or even Rage Against The Machine and you will understand what I am talking about! Don’t panic, Poois only used the positive elements of both last bands I am talking about. Qualitative seen they’re far beyond this ‘grunge’ bands… 

Poois is Progressive all the way but they never lose any sense for melody. The arrangements aren’t always that easy to follow, same counts for the vocal lines but that isn’t at all a negative point. Poois gets all of your attention and while you’re listening you’ll discover so much awesome things. Hard to explain but very enjoyable!  

Poois will never be the band for the big public, therefore the music is far too complicated. In the beginning I had difficulties to discover where the ‘Opera’ was but I can’t deny some arrangements reminds me strong of at least one or another musical and yes, even a Rock Opera isn’t always far away. It proves that Poois is a very bizarre band, a formation that especially Progressive Metal fans will adore. Take your time, time will learn how exclusive this release really is. 

Also the lyrics are at some points bizarre yet intelligent. It’s a pity they’re not added in the booklet but after a few turns you will find the time to discover the messages in them. You’ll find once more out some strange yet creative thoughts are behind these guys. “Horny America” is for example an incredible track! Poois also expresses plenty of emotions, proves once more that some masterminds are behind this band. Especially in the extraordinary riffs, the amazing guitar solos and the exclusive vocal lines you’ll discover what I am talking about. Add some awesome atmospheric samples (for example some speeches of German Nazi’s) and you’ll understand Poois isn’t just a band…it’s, it’s… it’s just Poois! Too many highlights to point, in both acts you will hear outstanding tracks!  I’m perplexed, more than once! 

I can’t say enough how strong yet odd this release is. Poois is a band with a clear vision and fantastic musicians! They’re hard to label, out of the ordinary, hard to understand, easy to love! And the front cover? It seems it has a lot to do with what “Opera house” is really about! Eccentric but beautiful… Check this surprising American band out at http://www.myspace.com/pooistheband or http://www.poois.net    

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)