Metal To Infinity

The story of Powerstone started when vocalist Lote and guitar player Kenny decided to set up a Rock cover band named Healer. As time passed by and due to their passion for old school Metal, both guys wrote a few songs by their own with in the back of their head plans to raise a brand new Belgian Metal band who was baptized by the name Powerstone later on. You can not establish a band without putting together a full line-up so Lote and Kenny’s prior mission was to find the right people who were ready to live by the rules of Powerstone. Proverbial spoken, who seeks shall find… first individual who joined forces with the band was bassist Stef. The choice was not so bad because this guy’s bass skills seemed good, at the other hand he has a home recording studio by himself and knows how to write songs in healthy conditions like no others!  

It didn’t take long before a first pair of new songs were recorded at the house of Stef but for a complete potential result they must expand the line-up with a drummer and second guitar player who were found by John Berry (now active in Belgian old school Thrash Metal band Gae Bolga) and Benny Beirlaen. They were respectively replaced by full members Joshua Priem (guitar) and ex-Spoil Engine drummer Steven Demey. Line-up complete and ready to deliver some outstanding Heavy Metal to the masses was their ambition and they go for it in full force. Now It’s my turn to spread the word of Powerstone’s “Prophecy” EP  - a self financed / recorded (at Stef’s home studio), five piece killer work that’ll bring pure Metal thrills into your living room and far beyond!  

First of all, Powerstone has a very good singer within its ranks – Lote’s throat breathes power and energy, sounds quite harsh or raw. In the end, he reminds me of Mike Munroe from Boston powerthrashing maniacs Meliah Rage, Mike Boltendahl from German legends Grave Digger and last but not least, every now and than, I also hear similarities with mighty Chuck Billy as this big guy sung during the early years of Testament fame. Besides a real good singer, Powerstone has also strong axemen on board those who deliver such good skilled, beautiful melodic lines. In perfect harmony Kenny & Josh lift up the musical concept to a higher level for sure! Bass riddler Stef and soulmate, drummer Steven do what the rest of the band does… I mean offering their individual skills as it should be, fully Metal minded! 

The EP opens with the title song ‘The Prophecy’ that starts as somekind of an intro building up to a full track featuring strong vocals who’s surrounded by four brothers of Metal armed to the teeth with gifted skills. This one comes over to me as a mixture of Classic Heavy Metal and nowadays Euro styled Power Metal. Good work but the best has yet to come! The remaining songs on the EP are all completely touched by the forces of Classic True Power and Heavy Metal music. And as a US Metal maniac myself, I hear a good burning vibe that reminds me of many bands those who belong to this type of Metal music! Check out ‘Angel Of Mercy’, ‘Forever Free’ and ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’. Bands linger on while listening are: Seven Witches, Vainglory, Meliah Rage, Firewind, Warrior and Wagsmetalinc. Track number five comes along and Powerstone takes me by surprise for one last time with a song called ‘Prayers In The Dark’. Name of the game here can be described as Power / Thrash Metal featuring outstanding players giving answer to the question: how to close a Metal piece in style. 

Damn right, Powerstone brought me a real good time listening to their “The Prophecy” EP. True Power, Heavy and Thrash Metal including flammable melodic lines which keeps me wide awake to pay full attention all the time. The pleasure was mine and I heard some rumours they will be back this year with a brand new, full length effort. The sooner the product pops up, the better for me and many other Metal maniacs longing to hear their shit pure as can be. This means Belgian Metal to be proud on definitely, glad to have these guys participating on our homepage. Check ‘em out at: www.myspace.com/powerstoneband  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)