Metal To Infinity

Fans of old Metal Church should definitely give this a listen. Power Theory is a rather recent band from Pennsylvania, US who recently re-released their debut album ďOut Of The Ashes, Into The FireĒ on Pure Steel Records after they self-released it last year in December.

Before this full-length album was released, Power Theory has released only one EP and one single, butÖ They are back with force! This album is the perfect example how true US-Metal sounds like. Eleven songs of uncompromising US-Metal that really blew me away from the first time I listened to the CD. The total playing time of the silver disc is 45:44 min and that equals 45:44 minutes of headbanging for me! All the songs contain such a powerfull sphere which takes this CD to a higher level than some other bands who try to make good US-Metal.

Singer Dave Santini really makes the band have that little bit more that some other bands donít have. The song 'When The Rain Comes Down' also proves that Power Theory has the capacities to make powerfull songs without having their guitars screaming throughout the whole song and the drummer tearing apart his kit. I have to admit I was stunned by the solos written to the songs though, they actually really blew me away! Oh, and I have to mention that the acoustic instrumental song 'Urielís Tears' is an epic masterpiece who will definitely become a classic one throughout the years!

Not many bands have been able to convince me from the first time I listened to them, Power Theory has. If you are in to Heavy Metal you should really buy this album, you donít even have to listen to the album to know itís that good, take that from me. More info on the bandís activities: www.reverbnation.com/powertheory   /   www.myspace.com/powertheorytheband

My points: 89 / 100 (Review by Timo)