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Way back in the 80s there was a US Metal act that walked around by the name Predator. They’ve released only one album (as far as I can remember) entitled “Easy Prey” somewhere in the mid 80s – it was an effort I’d like to describe as a Classic US Metal masterpiece!  But there was another Predator detected in Germany as well – their name of the game was Power Metal, released a self titled CD in 2004 through Remedy Records. I wrote the review for it and can’t say for sure if the band’s still active or not. Fact is that I'm very excited to tell that the United States Of America has a new band to be proud on – the name is Predator, they’re hailing from Lauderdale, USA and you better make notice of these guys because they will haunt your dreams by delivering awesome US Power Metal mainly – pure as can be! 

Two years ago, Predator released a self-titled debut album through Arctic Music and Metal To Infinity co-editor Rico aka Officer Nice wrote down his thoughts on it and was very pleased with Predator’s way of Metal! Better believe me when say that Rico is a specialist in US Metal – actually we’re long time friends and we know what great Metal from the US is all about. Feel free to read Rico’s review of Predator’s debut effort right HERE.  

Last week, I received a promo package – within the new Predator album entitled “Born In Blood” released through God Of Thunder Records recently. Some of the former members decided to leave the ranks and were replaced by new blood, actually skilled to the teeth musicians. It’s good to see that singer Nestor Aguirre and guitarist Damien Lee Thorr are still present because these guys are really irreplaceable! I really do like Nestor”s way of singing – high pitched and that’s what we all praise as US Metal maniacs, right!  

“Born In Blood” has been produced by Predator D.L. Thorr in a healthy manner – most impressive are the amazingly guitar tactics he offers throughout the entire album. Killer riffs (both acoustic / electric) and superb, beautiful shredding solo’s… all played in perfect harmony with new guitar player in the band named Chris Reiser – this is absolutely fantastic. On the ballad ‘Die Not My Hopes’ you also will hear Damien Lee Thorr using an unexpected instrument called a lute. A bit of a strange song to me but still an appreciating track. Listen very closely to all the magical guitar moves he makes on both ‘XXV’ (adaptation of Mozart’s 25th. Symphony) and last song on the album ‘”Caprice 16” (originally composed by Nicolo Paganini). While listening to both songs I was astonished, overwhelmed! ‘Caprice 16’ reminds me of an old shred guitar solo world from Derek Frigo called ‘Powerplay’. This song appeared on US Metal Vol. 3 compilation album (by Mike Varney through Shrapnel Records) way back in the 80s. 

‘Days Without Rain’ is a very good Power / Thrash Metal piece more than worth to open Predator’s new album. Excellent high pitched vocals and fast speed velocities which reminds me of Agent Steel, Toxik, Realm and even Steel Prophet. ‘Ingrid Betancourt’ (French anti corruption activist kidnapped by the FARC in February 2002) sounds even better to me while delivering supreme ways of vocal use and top-notch guitar pickings to the extreme. ‘Slave’ starts like an old Black Sabbath track but what follows a bit later is again – outstanding! Pay attention for to both guitar players acting offering their duties in perfect harmony (sometimes old Warlord lingers on). At the other hand they’re also able to deliver neck snapping thrashing rhythms as well! 

The title track means pure as can be US Power Metal that begins with an acoustic demonstration of master Damien himself. Finger burning solo’s and high vocals still keeps my attentions way up high! More typical US Power Metal comes along with ‘Burn’, ‘Far Beyond Death’ (fans of guitar riffs as played in an old legendary song from Iron Maiden called ‘The Trooper’ – better take a stand!). Actually this track is dedicated to the one and only Ronnie James Dio… bands recording songs in memory of this almighty Godfather Of Hard Rock and Metal music deserve my deepest appreciating definitely. ‘Bitch’ starts to play and this song brings on some good old school minded Heavy / Power Metal that makes me feel good! 

For sure people, the new Predator album “Born In Blood” is a very good one made by a bunch of awesome US Metal players for all those into the almighty forces of US Power Metal in general. Be aware this effort has also great Thrash and Heavy Metal moves to offer – even NWOBHM maniacs are recommended to check this output out as well so…“Born In Blood” is for fans of Realm, Steel Prophet, Agent Steel, Oracle, Rellik, Byfist, Amulance, Toxik, Have Mercy among others.   

And I won’t end up this review before I’ve said something about the very professional look of this promo CD which is packed as a huge booklet (managed by Scott Hecker) included very useful information about the band’s history, nice colourful pictures, lyrics and more – the most impressive promopack I’ve ever received so far. A True feast on US Metal to me! Order possibilities via:  or  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)