Metal To Infinity

US Power Metal fanatics, beware!!!! This hasn’t been exactly a top year in our particular genre but I suppose Predator will shine some bright light in your dark and evil minds, at least it did in mine! This is a band I discovered by coincidence, searching at eBay for some more US Metal. I’ve noticed the band, searched for their page and they immediately blew me away! US Metal as it should be, or should I just say Heavy Metal as it is supposed to be! 

Okay, the front cover isn’t that attractive, neither is the band logo and when you’ll hear the production of this entire CD you might be disappointed but hey; this is a private pressing and the music is just fantastic! If you’re into sharp and devastating riffs, overwhelming arrangements and clear high pitched soaring vocals with high screams Predator will surely take you by the throat! From the very first song until the end Predator delivers first class US Metal, a genre that is based on the best elements of NWOBHM (in this case especially old Iron Maiden), US Progressive Metal and US Thrash! 

The mediocre production doesn’t stop me adoring this release! I can only imagine how this should sound with a clear and strong mix. Not that the production is so bad after all, visualize a typical Eighties sound, but with more financial possibilities this band might have killed me with their very first shot. If you’re into Cirith Ungol, Helstar, Neon Cross, New Eden, Rellik, Liege Lord, Agent Steel and for example bands like Held Under or Fatal Violence then Predator will be the CD you were searching for in 2009! 

“Cursed”, the opening track for example! Awesome double lead guitars, a fantastic up tempo rhythm, superb screaming guitars and those vocals!!!!! Wow! Breathtaking! Nestor Aguirre is a man I’ve never heard about before but what a voice! The vocal lines are magnificent, the vocal sound is impressive! And those high screams are just the way I adore it! “Closet Anti-Christ”, “Demon Soul”, “Lone wolf” and “In The Name Of God?” are just a few songs I’d like to mention because they own all the elements that makes this kind of Metal so mighty! 

Every track is pure US Power Metal; dark and technical, often difficult and complicated – even sophisticated. No cheesy neither easy choruses nor refrains but a band that delivers you pure steel! The a-typical arrangements are making me once more proud being a US Metal fanatic! From Heavy Metal to Speed / Thrash and all foreseen with technical ingredients; you will find it out here! Another CD I can’t stop listening to, the striking drums and bass guitars are freaking me out. The fast fingered solos and double leads are heading my way, one after another! Damien Lee Thorr and Chris Reisen are constantly fighting each other; awesomeness in its purest form! The acoustic beginning “Mercy” made me quiet because of its beauty, I just adore this fast played acoustic guitars and I assure you it is the start of another magnificent track by the way.  

I know Predator doesn’t deliver innovation but I don’t fucking care! This album gives me adrenaline from the very first second, I play it loud (it helps disguising the production) and I get colds shivers from what I am listening to! A wide range from heavy metal anthems to thrashing monstrosities and progressive elegies, that’s what I am talking about! This old school energetic US Power Metal ravager deserves to be heard and the aggressive approach on this record doesn’t miss its addictive effect on me! 

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen; if you want some good Eighties US Power Metal Predator is waiting for you. Just a few clicks to or are necessary to lay your hands on this one. With a stronger production this album might have been between my favorite albums of 2009 and it would have scored at least five points more. But please, let this not hold you buying this one! 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)