Metal To Infinity

During my childhood I was mainly concerned with collecting LP’s but also broadening my cassette tape arsenal was not unimportant. Without the use of the Internet those days, I maintained my personal contacts by pen and paper. Joined forces with loads of world wide ‘tape traders’, my knowledge in Metal grew day by day due to tons of great bands I heard via these tapes. Official demo’s, rehearsals or live recordings (some of them in a very poor sound quality)… I swallowed it all like a white shark on the prowl for blood. Mainly, it were the US Underground Metal bands those who stole my complete attention. Absolutely too many to mention all the awesome acts I discovered throughout the 80s – this time I’d like to pick up only one band of this huge list I got to know by their first demo called “Prime Evil”, released back in 1987… name of the band: Prime Evil from New York City-USA! 

Formed by vocalist Andy Eichorn and guitarist Mike Usifer who were those days surrounded by Gay Day (guitars), Mary Ciullo (bass) and Todd Gukelberger on drums. Along with this line-up, Prime Evil released a second and third demo entitled “The Manifestation” (1988) / “Industry” (1990). Through Rage Records they released the EP called “Terminal Dementia” (1992)… a bit later on, Prime Evil called it quits – bad news for all those into US Underground Thrash Metal! Ten years later on, it was King Fowley (Deceased / October 31) who came up with the brilliant idea to bring out the entire Prime Evil discography on CD entitled “Unearthed” via his own label Battlezone Records.  

Finally, Prime Evil reunited in 2011 and play some wild and free, ultimately energetic live gigs in the US. All of the original members seemed to be in good shape but still and most unfortunately, Todd / Mary and Gary left the ranks. Axeman Mike Usifer and frontman Andy Eichorn won’t take no for an answer and due to their everlasting faith in Metal music, they were determined to go on. According to what I heard lately, Prime Evil is pretty busy jamming with new members, drummer Billy Wassweiler (In Darkest Days), guitarist Steve Levin (Rooms Of Ruin) and bass player Will Escolano (Necroptic Engorgement). 

But the good news to mention is the fact that these American thrashers signed a deal with France based label Infernö Records. Great record company with a heart for old school Metal – offering a contract to a band like Prime Evil is the evidence of the label's deepest and dignity passion for Underground Metal… thumbs up for CEO Infernö Records Fab! Stand sharp for the official release (July 20th. 2012) of Prime Evil’s CD-EP “Evilution” – loaded with three new tracks and able to smash your skull. To honour the old school Metal ways, Infernö Records will also bring out “Evilution” on cassette tapes which is an awesome initiative to me!! 

‘Crucifixion Aftermath’, ‘Barbarick Rites’ and ‘Evilution Decree’ offer the very best in US Underground Thrash Metal, that’s for sure! It was such a long time ago I listened some of their older songs so I couldn’t wait any longer to check out the new pieces. The production is really good and about the song structures I’d like to say… this is Prime Evil at its best! This recording’s line-up consists out of original members Mike (guitars & bass) and singer Andy – Dave Powers was in charge for drum programming. This means that you won’t hear the new members on the EP but I’m sure you will on the follow up, hopefully full length album that’ll appear the sooner the better to me. Elements that reign throughout the entire EP are straight from the heart lethal aggression and brutality, all delivered in a US thrashing way seasoned with old school Death Metal ingredients. Evil pounding, hard knocking drums in perfect combination with fast bass lines/guitar riffs, quite technical finger bleeding leads and the man behind the microphone let his evil voice run free like a tameless beast coming straight from hell… you’re warned!  

Back in the 80’s, Prime Evil showed how to play certified, into-your-face Thrash Metal as it should be, fast and furious without compromises – many years later on now and trust me on my word when I tell you all that they’re still in very good shape… Nothing to do with the nowadays Thrash Metal scene – Prime Evil’s “Evilution” is here to conquer the heart and soul of all those maniacs still hooked on the blistering forces of US Underground Thrash Metal music, era: 1985-1990. Musically based, fans of early Epidemic, Sindrome, Aftermath, Massacre, Demolition Hammer, Merciless (Sweden) should place an order right on at:   

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Stefan)