Metal To Infinity

If you aren’t at all into ultra aggressive Thrash Metal you may stop reading right here… This isn’t a band for pussies, posers or whatever. If you are a fanatic about ultra fast and Technical played Thrash Metal, start ordering this one! Profanator is from Mexico and I could never imagine Mexicans guys could be so damn extreme! Damn, this is heavy stuff but I just adore it… 

The booklet is the first thing that pleased me so much. It’s made with some rawer kind of paper, is in black and white and it breathes pure darkness! The front cover might be not the most original but I’ve always liked obscure designs. The Grim Reaper on this drawn fits the music perfectly… 

Musical wise Profanator will easily blow you out of your chair! On the Scale of Richter some earthquakes will be noticed while you’re listening to “Deathplagued”, panic will be the Scientifics fate… The neighbors will hate you even more and if somebody will witness your behavior while listening to this one I’m sure he or she will be convinced you’re either wicked or totally insane. I’m even surer they will be convinced you’re a disciple of Satan, the problem child they were already taking you for…  

Don’t worry, as long the music pleases us we shouldn’t care at all! Profanator is indeed dark, obscure, wicked, evil, superfast and so god damn Metal! Every riff, each hit on the drum, all notes you will hear are evil and frightening! This concept CD owns everything a good Thrash / Death Metal needs and the raw sound makes me worship it even more! Profanator succeeded to put a typical eighties sound into this release! It doesn’t mean the production isn’t good enough, only the opposite is true and therefore Profanator sounds overwhelming dark and malevolent!  

The vocals are ultra harsh and extremely aggressive. At some points grunts are supporting this extremity or even some echoed vocals can be heard, making it sound even more sinister! The solos are from the screaming kind, howling all the way but fast fingered and therefore so mysterious. The rifss are so sharp they will cut your ears of… Profanator stays technical in all what they’re doing, making it so important to give this CD several spins. But don’t worry, once you’re into this menacing and intimidating story you will be obliged listening to it time after time! Pick the right moments for this one; at night or when you need to lose your aggression. Believe me when I say you will be surprised how much effect this violent experience will have on you!  In between the songs threatening sounds can be heard; scaring heartbeats for example that will easily freak you out! 

Fans of bands like Infernal Majesty, Sadus, Sacrifice, Morbid Saint, Believer, Dark Angel, Slayer (“Hell Awaits” era) etc. will really love this release. This is insanity in its purest form but it’s oh so beautiful! A spectacular album if you would ask me! Check them out at  

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)