Metal To Infinity

Since 2003, there is a Metal outfit called Property, and their main goal is to entertain people with hard hitting drums, pumping bass, heavy vocals and great shredding riffs!  Needless to say that they want to tear the roof off as much as possible by playing their songs live for an outrageous crowd.  The four members of Property aren’t rookies at all, because most of them play their instruments for decades.  Some joined forces earlier in a band called Private Property (Keith and Justin), others jumped in later to become to so called ‘stable line up’. 

The guys recorded an album at the Nothing But Noise Studio at Fairfax, V.A. and although it’s released in the USA around 2006, it took a few years to get on the desk of Metal To Infinity.   Well, having this said, I immediately want to give a positive touch as well, as the sound is really outstanding.  The songs are produced with a heavy and solid rhythm and the vocals of Justin Earven are mixed in balance with the musical concrete mixer that Property are.   

These guys love their music hard and heavy, and from opener ‘One Shot One Kill’ it’s lucid that we will have a pleasant and entertaining trip of 50 minutes.  There are 12 songs on the cd and they are all in the same style and vein.  Listen to ‘Curse Of Life’ or ‘Prince Of Darkness’ and you will hear influences of bands like Metallica, Pantera and even Pro-Pain came by.  It’s not a copycat or an easy take off!  The guys of Property add their own style and that’s always great to detect.   

We also received a promo cd with two songs that are unmastered, and I guess that they will be released as a demo.  The band is hoping to get a deal signed with a cool record label, but as everyone knows, that’s really hard these times.  Anyway, the tracks ‘Fall Away’ and ‘Darkseaker’ are in the same direction as previous material, so we really would like to hear more songs of this band in the future!  

Fans of  of Old school Metal with a kick in the face know directly where to keep their eyes on!  Check out their homepage to get the latest details on this great Heavy Rock / Metal ensemble: 

My rating: 85  / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)