Metal To Infinity

Totally but really totally unknown to me. A very strange front cover and an album title that makes me realize this is a Christian band. On the Internet there are several specialized Christian Rock and Metal webzines and they really helped me out about this one. In the States Christianity is as a matter of fact still important, I suppose Belgium is the only country on earth where faith doesn’t really count. But in the States? God is still hot overseas and that declares the fact why so many Christians bands receives attention, why Christian oriented webzines exists over there…in the underground scène. 

The driving force after this project seems to be a man who was very active in the Blues scène during his entire career. That declares why this all seems so new to me. But we are dealing with great musicians right here and on “Elijah Returns” you’ll hear good songs with awesome guitars. This is a concept CD and as a concept album deserves, samples are weaved into and between the songs to keep the story attractive. Nevertheless the music is strong enough to be enjoyable. More than once spectacular guitars can be heard and this album contains that. 

If you’re into melodic Hard Rock you really should try to lay your hands on this one. Fans of MSG, Giant and Joe Satriani (“Flying In A Blue Dream” era) will probably like this one. At some points even W.A.S.P. is what I am talking about but that’s probably because of some arrangements I’ve heard.  

You should allow the fact that on a regular base the words “Jesus”, “Heaven” And God” are used but to be honest I don’t care. What I really like is  the fact that the leads are pa-laying their own role once and while, probably the reason Satriani crossed my mind. This is good guitar driven (Hard Rock) music, played with the right spirit!

My Points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)