Metal To Infinity

The Joker is facing me…. That was the impression that I had, when I opened the package with the Psycho Chocke album in it. The ultimate Batman enemy is preparing for ‘Unraveling Chaos’, and during the first spin of this album, I already was blown away of the aggression and devastating impact that this band is delivering!   

A short intro starts the album, and during this minute and a half, you feel that terror and chaos is coming nearer.  Cool way to start an album, and a perfect passage to the track ‘Freedom In A Bottle Of Scotch’.  This song has it all. Impressive rhythm, great speed and mindblowing vocals!  The guitars are mixed in a way that Machine Head likes to use and the chorus line is showing that vocalist Al Roy is able to sing with a thundering voice as well as a melodic Nu Metal approach, like Sonic Syndicate.   

Next track is called ‘Get Down’ and the first guest musician Gus G (Firewind, Dream Evil, Mysic Prophecy, Nightrage, Ozzy Osbourne) is playing a great solo that fits perfectly in this track.  Other Nightrage members Marios and Olof are the guitar players that provide the solo for the song ‘Streetwise’, while producer Jacob Hansen is doing backing vocals on the song ‘Swamp’. As you will notice, a lot of guests and special appearances to work on every detail of ‘Unraveling Chaos’.  ‘Death By Words’ opens really calm and modest, but is exploding into a real headbanger. Jesus, this is a cool band !!   

By the way, Psycho Choke is from Greece and this is their second output!   I definitely will start a search for their debut album ‘Choke On This’ (2002), and why not, the EP ‘The Last Moments Of Absence’ (2007).  The future of Greece looks great, thanks to ‘Unraveling Chaos’! 

My rating: 93 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)