Metal To Infinity

Heavy Metal in another language, it stay’s a strange experience. You have everything that sounds recognizable and yet the differences bring you in another mood. It’s even more bizarre to see that these bands are making no effort to write something in English so at least the listener knows what the band name or album title means, what the history of the band is really about. If those bands want to find a market in our countries they’re obliged to do it but I doubt they will ever try. I suppose we aren’t aware of the fact that they do have a big crowded market, after all Spanish is one of the world’s most important languages.

One of the most important consequences it that it is so damn hard to write a review about their albums. I don’t understand the lyrics but I do hear the music and after all this is what Heavy Metal is all about. Heavy Metal is an everlasting universal Power, a kind of music that inspires several generations all over the world and that’s the exact strength of our movement. Only for this reason you shouldn’t deny this kind of bands…

Anyhow “Vicio Y Virtud” is an album that is enjoyable. This band from Spain is fronted by a woman, listening to the name of Teresa. Her clear voice fits this kind of Heavy / Power Metal very well. The album delivers one after another good structured track, foreseen from everything that Heavy Metal is known for; riffs, solo’s, breaks,... None of the songs is memorable but the listener won’t get bored by any of them. At some points the band reminds me to Brainstorm, especially when we’re talking about used riffs. If you would listen to “Por La Espalda” for example you would know what I mean. Here and there the songs are dark and to be honest especially these parts maintained the most of my attention. The cheesy parts, who are without any doubts also present in some choruses and refrains, were less important to me but thankfully they’re rather rare. No, most of the time this band plays straight forwarded Metal and the production is pretty good.

If you don’t mind Metal in another language and if you’re into some pure Heavy/Power Metal Quelonio, whatever it means, might be a good ‘snack’ for in between other releases you’re waiting for. I know that in times of crisis every single Eurocent can be used to purchase other releases in the overcrowded Metal scène but that doesn’t dismiss you from the fact to check the band out at http://www.myspace.com/queloniometal.

My points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)