Metal To Infinity

From Huntsville / USA I’d like to represent you Quinta Essentia. This band released their debut “Neutrality For Defined Chaos” a few years ago. Thom Matthews, the man who released a very good ‘solo’ album recently used to be part of Quinta Essentia and those who’ve heard this release will know this shredder is capable to do great things. It was the major reason why I expected a lot from this album, I have always adored technical Death Metal! 

Quinta Essentia is indeed the ideal band for Metal heads who adore ultra dark Death Metal. This album isn’t only sinister; it’s ultra technical as well. One after another sophisticated yet threatening riff is heading your way, empowered by fantastic arrangements. The drum parts are mind blowing! Quinta Essentia delivers melody on the one hand but without exaggeration, furious dark arrangements on the other. Don’t expect this band to sound like the Gothenburg Death Metal movement; therefore Quinta Essentia is far too complicated! 

Quinta Essentia uses elements that could be heard in Progressive Metal too. It shows how technical these guys really are. At some points there are clean vocals but mostly pure menacing grunts are heading your way. Every song knows plenty of different tempi; the guitars are playing a leading role! There’s even more; these solos are delivering an eargasm to all fans of shredding guitars! The songwriting is difficult and that’s the reason why this album needs time, a lot of time. At some points I wonder why so many riffs and arrangements are used. It seems like this is the Watchtower of Death Metal. Nevertheless a song like “Forgotten But Not Undreamt” impressed me at once.  

It’s fantastic how twin guitars are used, how emotions are used in every lead. In for example “The Universal Longing” also the acoustic guitars are part of the song and the effect is overwhelming. One after another fast fingered guitar solo is played on this release, just fantastic! Quinta Essentia creates by their music a fantastic atmosphere and Quinta Essentia has more than once an epic touch!  

Meanwhile Quinta Essentia delivers one after another furious song and that’s the main reason why this CD is so enjoyable. The different tempi and moods are just awesome but makes it hard to follow the red lines in every track. This band is creative from the beginning until the end I can easily believe criticasters are convinced they’ve worked a bit too hard. Anyhow the band contains fantastic musicians and therefore you should check them out! 

This album uses a lot of the qualities of the entire US Death Metal Scene, intense, fast and over all obscure, it captures exactly what the band was trying to do. Quinta Essentia combines a wide array of extreme Metal genres; even fans of technical Black Metal are seducible. Fans of the most sophisticated Death or James Murphy’s solo albums will like what they hear and should purchase this on without any doubts! Best extreme Metal release I’ve heard in months… Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/thetruequintaessentia.  

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)