Reflection is a band that hails us from Greece, their first days of existence date as from September 1991. That means that the band now can almost celebrate their seventeenth anniversary and like most of the new upcoming formations, also Reflection had to deal with struggles during first years of existence. They fought it hard, they fought it well and they survived this period. On the list back then were the release of a few demo's, ''Sire Of The Storm'' (EP 1995) and a first, full length and self financed work called ''The Fire Still Burns'' (1999). 

Steeping straight into the new millennium, Reflection let hear more and more of itself, next efforts in line that saw the crack of dawn were: ''Realms Of The Night'' (2001), ''The Fire Still Burns-2001 Edition” and the concept release of ''Odyssey'' two years later on. Doom Metal is Reflection's name of the game, as always is the competition quite hard to struggle through but no problems for these Greece doomsters. They passed the test of time in style those days and more was well underway to realize. 

Some other guys entered the Reflection camp in 2006 – most important pawn that joined forces was vocalist Leo Stivala (from Maltese based Forsaken), also bass player John Litinakis and keyboardist Irakis Loukakis stepped on board of the Reflection ship. Full of ambition, armed to the teeth with heavy ammunition – stronger than ever before, plans for a new album were made… meanwhile, all became reality and I'm goddamn satisfied to present the new Reflection entitled ''When Shadows Fall'', a release delivered in the best possible conditions by Cruz Del Sur Music. 

Right from the start it’s obvious that Reflection just brought out their best album so far. Along with Heathendom and Nomad Sin, ''When Shadows Fall'' is without a doubt one of the best Doom Metal albums I've the last few years. Breathing down your neck while listening to the album is an Epic character with tons of power loaded riffs. Very remarkable and a pleasure to the ear is singer Leo Stivala – memorable from his great singing with Forsaken, this guy is priceless good. Active in a couple of Doom Metal outfits by now, I'm sure he will match in Heavy / Power Metal bands too. A man with an endless range of vocal skills. 

I like to hear shred guitar tactics and on that point, Reflection pleases me too – even in style. Besides the heavy laden riffs, the solo works are amazingly fantastic! Once again, with the current line up, Reflection will rule the world of Epic / Power / Doom Metal for sure. A while ago, I was impressed by the talents of Heathendom and Nomad Sin – doomsters too and especially Heathendom's way of playing is quite similar with the style of Reflection. Great atmospheres and the epical feelings - the new breed of Doom Metal! 

''When Shadows Fall'' offers 12 songs by a running time of 47 minutes, sound quality optimal which means that you will get what you pay for and that's awesome, excellent, impressive Metal music. My heart goes 'boom' on following tracks: 'Mistress Of The Sea', 'Ghost Ship', 'Lost', 'Eyes Of The Night' and 'Kingdom Of Fire' (to name but a few actually!). 

Throwing a few band names to compare, I'd like to mention: Heathendom, Sorcerer, early Doomsword, Candlemass, Memory Garden, Forsaken but that's just a personal meaning you know. To me, all sounds great and nothing can holds me back to say that Reflection's new album is world class – to make up your own mind, you better order this bright shining silver disc immediately. If you have the opportunity to purchase "When Shadaws Fall", don't wait too long – take the fast lane and order right! Check it out at:   MY POINTS: 94/100