Metal To Infinity 

Up to one day a parcel on board the CD of Rizon reached my postal address, I had never heard before of this band. I've been always aroused curiosity to new or unknown outfits so I've opened up the package right away and started to listen Rizon's new album ''Sudden Life''. 

They're from Zurich, Switzerland and actually formed in 1997. The hard labour to reach their goals has not missed its impact obviously – in 2005 Rizon came show up with a debut album called ''Evolution''. I'm not sure but I guess this output was an independent product, distributed internationally. By the fact this release nevertheless was a success, the band's live reputation began to take form. Mostly playing on national ground those days, everywhere Rizon climbed a particular stage – their was magic in the air and the present audience could return fully satisfied homeward. 

But the band felt they had more in their might and a second album was not far away. Rizon's new album entitled '' Sudden LIfe'' is a fact and is ready to unleash through Karthago Records from Germany. Existing from seven members, this is definitely a Swiss release that is laden with attractive skills. Remarkable and impressive point is the present of two singers, the combination of Matthias Gotz (also acoustic guitar) and Franziska German works excellent. Matthias has a very unique, original voice – as for Franziska's voice use, well to me she sings like an angel, crystal clear and full of emotion. The colour of both singers' voices to lie infinitely from each other but the mutual collaboration works outstanding. 

Besides acoustic guitars, the band also have two lead guitarists on board – actually great skilled musicians in charge to bring on very melodic axe duties. The use of spheric keyboards, drums and bass works – no reason to complain. The production (done in the famous Swiss Ring Stdios) of this output reaches a very high value and in combination with songs that take you by the throat – ''Sudden Life'' is a great and pleasant album. Two vocalists serving a lot of melancholy and harmony while singing in perfect balance… besides that, most ear-catching element are the excellent guitar moves (reminiscent of famous Axel Rudi Pell or R. Blackmore) and nice atmospheric passages .  

I'd like to describe is as: when Melodic Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal with slices of Atmospheric / Symphonic Rock – sung in a very catch way that stick on to you inner soul for a long time after. Ballad-esque, up-tempo or tracks played somewhere in between, Rizon offers it all on a silver disc that calls ''Sudden Life''. A one-hour album for fans of Axel Rudi Pell, Ayreon, Thunderstone, Heaven And Hell… stay alert and order at: www.karthagorecords.de  

MY POINTS: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)